Police find 4 Dead in Tulsa, Oklahoma Home

Police have said that the death of a family of four in a Tulsa, Oklahoma home on Wednesday afternoon was a murder-suicide. All four of them had gunshot wounds.

According to the police, the physical evidence in the house has indicated that a father killed his wife and their two boys, both... read more

Former Federal Agents arrested for stealing Bitcoins during Silk Road Probe

On Monday, two former federal agents, who were investigating an online black market known as Silk Road that let people buy and sell drugs and some other illegal items, were arrested and charged with fraud in theft of digital currency that users used in transactions, authorities announced.

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Abduction of California woman was fake: Police

According to police, looking after the alleged kidnapping of a woman from a northern California home, the case was a prank planned with the woman's boyfriend. In the beginning, it was thought that 29-year-old Denise Huskins was kidnapped but the police was not able to find her or any of her... read more

LAPD officers injured in gunfire

On Sunday, two Los Angeles police officers were injured in gunfire. And according to police, the police officers were the target of the shooters. According to Officer Cory Meisner, they were on duty in South LA, when firing began.

The officers suffered minor injuries and were treated at... read more

Police investigate Teenagers for Sexual Assaults in Los Angeles

According to police, more than a dozen teenagers are being investigated for a number of sexual assaults against two Los Angeles high school students. According to Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith, investigators think that the assaults happened again and again since the end of 2013 at Venice... read more

UCSF Dental Student found Dead in California

On Wednesday, a 37-year-old Indian woman Randhir Kaur was found dead in a pool of blood in her apartment in Albany. According to officials, Kaur is the city's first homicide victim since 2004.

Kaur was a dental student in University of California, San Francisco. As per reports, when the... read more

Former Key Figure in Holly Bobo Case Commits Suicide

The lawyer of Shayne Austin, who was linked to Holly Bobo Case, told CNN that Austin has committed suicide.

On Monday, attorney, Luke Evans, confirmed Austin's death to NBC News, saying "it appears that Mr. Austin took his own life."

In March 2014, Austin was awarded immunity in... read more

California State Prisoners killed at double the National Average

A shocking revelation has been made by an Associated Press analysis of corrections records -- California state prisoners are killed at the double rate than the national average. Another startling revelation was that sex offenders account for disproportionate number of victims.

When the AP... read more

Smartphone thefts reduce in NY, London and California with Kill Switch

The implementation of kill switch in iPhone and android based smartphones has results in reduction in the number of thefts of smartphones. With kill switch, the owners can remotely disable the devices, rendering it useless for anyone who steals the phone. The disabled and locked phone using the... read more

Denver Woman Receives Four Years Sentence for trying to help ISIS

A Denver teenager has been sentenced for four years for her attempt to travel to Syria to help Islamic terrorists (ISIS). 19-year old Shannon Maureen Conley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to help ISIS in September 2014. During the hearing, Conley appeared in civilian clothes and a hijab.

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Police announced Murder Charges against a Man in Connection with ‘Gypsy Hill Murders’

Nearly four decades after 'Gypsy Hill murders' shocked the Bay Area, California investigators have found the man who is believed to be responsible for minimum two of the five killings.

Police in San Mateo County have made announcement about murder charges against Rodney Halblower, who is... read more

25-year-old Black Man shot Three Times during Confrontation with Los Angeles Police

According to an autopsy report, Ezell Ford who was killed this summer in a confrontation with Los Angeles police was shot three times.

The 25-year-old black man was shot in his right side, right arm, and his back. Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Monday that the accounts of the two... read more


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