Climate Change

Arnold Doesn’t Care If No One Agrees With Him on Climate Change

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the beginning of this month, posted an open letter raising several questions to deniers of climate change. He even said that he doesn’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with him on climate change.

The famous philanthropist and former California governor has... read more

Beijing’s Poisonous Air prompts Government to Issue Red Alert

Much of China’s massive capital Beijing shut down on Tuesday after the government announced air pollution red alert. The first-time red alert forced the city to close its schools, factories and construction sites. The alert also restricted the number of vehicles on the city roads.

While... read more

Gov. Jerry Brown Pledges His Support for Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown is favoring the goals of US President Barack Obama and it seems that he has found a sweet spot in climate-change communication. Some top masterminds of brown are farming two irreconcilable rhetorical strategies: a fateful doom and gloom, and sunny, pragmatic... read more

Exxon hires High-profile Attorney to Handle NY Climate Change Probe

In an effort to fight New York climate change probe, oil and gas corporation Exxon Mobil Corp has hired a high-profile lawyer. People familiar with the matter said the star attorney’s involvement is an aggressive response by the company to probe into its climate change disclosures.

Exxon... read more

Republicans in Congress Attack Obama’s Climate-Change Agenda

It is known that a global climate summit is scheduled to take place in Paris where several countries of the world will sign agreement to combat global warming and climate change. But republicans in Congress are trying to weaken Obama’s position ahead of the summit.

Republicans are majorly... read more

Vulnerability to climate change grew 18% last year

According to researchers, in 2014 global investment in activities for reduction of planet-warming emissions and climate change vulnerability has grown 18% to $391 billion as private backing for renewable energy technologies has increased.
An annual report from the Climate Policy Initiative... read more

Al Gore optimistic about 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said he is optimistic that world leaders would be able to reach a climate change deal at a top-level international climate summit that is scheduled to start later this month in Paris.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference is scheduled to take... read more

‘Climate Change’ not a major talking point in Russian media

Unlike United States, wherein there is hardly any day when media doesn't report about 'global warming' or 'climate change', and the White House website has a complete section known as 'Climate Change And President Obama's Action Plan', 'climate change' is not a main talking point in the Russian... read more

Global Warming Will Have Huge Impact on GDP: Study

We are aware of the fact that global warming is causing several environmental changes that one day could become a reason for end of life on earth. Now a team of researchers through a study found that climate change can also have a major impact on the GDP.

Several previously conducted... read more

“Clean Power Plan” proposed by President Obama

The new "Clear Power Plan" as proposed by President Obama on Monday received much appreciation and support as its main goal is to help mitigate the worsening conditions of the changing weather. The members Evangelical Environment Network sent an open letter and encouraged the efforts of the... read more

Ethical Action required to avoid Planetary Catastrophe, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Guardian reported on Tuesday that famous actor, director and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has been selected by the French government to make the moral case for urgent action on climate change.

The former California governor while talking at the world's first summit of... read more

Climate change aggravating wildfires

A new research has revealed that hot and dry climates have exacerbated wildfires around the world. Climate change is the main culprit as it has increased temperatures all over the globe. Due to rise in temperatures, wildfires have become aggressive, destroying trees that could absorb carbon in... read more


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