Edan Lepucki talks about some key areas of her novel ‘California’

Edan Lepucki, the author whose debut novel "California" enjoyed a strong boost from TV host Stephen Colbert's campaign against online retailer Amazon, talked about some key areas of her novel.

"California" is the story of Frida and Calvin, who are in their late 20s. After escaping a... read more

Edan Lepucki's debut novel ‘California’ at a glance

Edan Lepucki's debut novel "California" portrays a bleak future for California where most privileged people live in communities protected by private security guards, while the poor people who haven't died from a disease like flu have no option other than reside in the wilderness.

While... read more

NBC Space Journalist Launches a Book about Neil Armstrong

A book has been launched about Neil Armstrong and his trip to the moon by Jay Barbree, a space journalist for NBC. Barbree has covered the launch of every American astronaut and now he has published a book to provide important details about the life of Neil Armstrong.

Emmy winner Barbree... read more

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