PPFA Plans a Pilot Project for a Real-Time “Office Visits” through an App

It has been reported that Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has planned out a pilot project for a real-time "office visits". PPFA is famous as Planned Parenthood and is a non-profit organization providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services.

Through... read more

New Research Reveals Schizophrenia as a Group of Eight Separate Disorders

A new study has revealed that schizophrenia is not a single genetic disease, but in fact a class of diseases with variable symptoms. Schizophrenia is severe mental disorder that causes debilitating symptoms, including paranoid delusions, auditory hallucinations, and impaired social behavior.... read more

Veterans Affairs Secretary says tens of thousands of new doctors and nurses required

On Monday, the new secretary of Veterans Affairs stated that they will need to employ "tens of thousands of new doctors, new nurses, new clinicians" to do away with the shortage of employees who are directly involved in treating patients. It is believed that with this move the agency wants to... read more

Racial Gap between Black Police Officers and the Community They Serve Has Decreased

Associated Press through an analysis found that racial gap between black police officers and the community in which they serve has decreased over the last generation. It stated that relations particularly in departments that were least diverse have improved over time.

The Associate Press... read more

Marijuana-laced Cookies Make High School Students Ill

Five California high school students fell ill on Thursday after eating marijuana-laced cookies that they had bought during lunch from a classmate. Two of the students have been hospitalized after losing consciousness, police said.

According to Lieutenant Al Walle from Richmond Police... read more

Teenager Charged with Murder for Killing Cousin

On Monday, Dallas police arrested a teenager who has been charged for killing his five-year-old cousin. The police informed that Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno, 17, is facing capital offense and possible deportation.

Dallas police arrested Sanches-Zenteno a day after the body of Katharina... read more

Colorado Springs Job Market Shows Improvement in July

Even though unemployment rates throughout the country have decreased in July, joblessness in Washington rose slightly.

According to Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rate in the region of Washington in July was 5.4% which was 5.35 in the month of June. Overall... read more

Slew of Factors to blame for Earth’s rising Temperature

An increase in carbon dioxide level has been raising the earth's temperature since 1999. From the reports, it has been found that the average increase per decade between 1998 and 2012 was about 0.05 degrees centigrade. From 1951-2012, the increase stood at an average of 0.12 degrees centigrade... read more

Whooshh Innovations Invent Salmon Cannon to help Fish Move Upstream

Due to industrial advances, it has become difficult for salmon to swim upstream to their spawning grounds. A so-called salmon cannon was created to help fish move upstream.

Wildlife departments and public bodies move salmon by transporting them through trucks. In some cases, the... read more

Microsoft Launches Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung

Microsoft has launched patent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics claiming the South Korean electronics major Samsung breached a patent sharing agreement signed between the companies in 2011. Both the companies cross licensed patents in 2011, mainly for tablets and smartphones. Microsoft has... read more

Next Generation Mars Rover Will Have Tools to Search for Life in the Past

NASA has announced the features it has included in the next Mars rover, the robot that will run on six wheels and will carry out interesting experiments on the red planet. The new NASA rover will have super laser and stereo vision. The rover will have a skeleton similar to Curiosity as it is... read more

French Telecom Major Iliad SA Ready to Pay $15 Billion for T-Mobile

French telecom operator Iliad SA has offered $15 billion for US operations of T-Mobile. The current offer will make things tough for Sprint Corp and might even increase the price of acquisition of T-Mobile.

The report was first published by the Wall Street Journal. The offer has not been... read more


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