House Judiciary Committee passes measure to curb Widespread Government Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday brought into picture a measure to improve the controversial USA Patriot Act to curb widespread government surveillance. Bipartisan reform is taking shape on Capitol Hill nearly two years after documents on a massive government surveillance program were... read more

Volcanic Eruption Observed in Real Time, Aided by Sea-floor Sensors

On April 24, scientists at the University of Washington successfully observed the eruption of Axial Volcano in real time through an installed system of high-tech seabed sensors.

On the evening of April 23, monitoring instruments around the Axial Volcano recorded a huge spike in seismic... read more

New Horizons expected to reveal more about Pluto and Charon

Astronomers are hopeful that data being collected by NASA spacecraft New Horizons would help them know more about Pluto and its tiny moons.

New Horizons recently provided scientists with first-ever color photos of Pluto and its moon Charon. NASA released the photos back on April 14,... read more

Long term use of commonly used Medicines could Increase Risks of Dementia

A new study has linked commonly used medicines, which have an ‘anticholinergic’ effect, to dementia, which is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.

According to experts, people should not stop taking those medicines. According to the... read more

Virus could be the reason for inflammatory bowel disease

The higher instances of inflammatory bowel diseases have been linked to diversity of virus present in the digestive systems of individuals, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. The detailed results of the study have been published in journal Cell.... read more

Washington might become first state to raise smoking age to 21

Under a measure proposed on Wednesday by Washington's top law enforcement official, the legislation seeks to raise legal age for smoking tobacco to 21 from 18.

The legal age to smoke has been set at 18 in most the US states while Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey and Utah have minimum smoking... read more

Avian Influenza found in Backyard Poultry Flock in Southeast Washington

Avian influenza has been found in a backyard poultry flock in southeast Washington, but despite this the state officials state that there is no public health concern at the moment.

According to State Agriculture Department officials, the virus has not been found in commercial poultry in... read more

Supreme Court’s Ban on warehousing mentally ill comes into Effect

The state Supreme Court's ban on warehousing of detained mental patients has come into effect. State officials and other hope that the practice known as psychiatric boarding will come to an end with the scores of new beds added in the past few months.

The state's high court said in August... read more

US Military Plans to equip Some Transport Aircraft with New Isolation Chambers

The US military is planning to provide some of its transport aircraft with new isolation chambers with an aim to take as many as 12 people infected with the Ebola virus.

Air Force General Paul Selva, head of the Transportation Command, said this new facility will be accessible in the... read more

Mercer Island still under boil-water advisory

On Sunday, Mercer Island officials stated that they are not sure whether the tap water in the city is safe for drinking or not.

Though the latest tests that were done have shown no traces of E. coli in water, still precautions are being taken. Further, the results of a series of more... read more

Mount St. Helens is refueling itself to erupt, says USGS

The Associate Press has reported that almost ten years ago this week, Mount St. Helens showed some signs of awakening after 18 years of sleep. Scientists believe that the volcano is refueling itself and is expected to erupt in near future.

Since the Mount St. Helens, an active... read more

Earth’s Population Expected to Reach 12 Billion by 2100, say Experts

In a recent prediction, experts have said the global human population could reach 12 billion by 2100. The rapidly rising human population will worsen the food and health problems in future, said experts. Scientists have warned that climate change, shortage of food, spread of highly infectious... read more


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