Massive Landslide at Oso Site Took Place 500 Years Ago

On analyzing the woody debris of the huge Rowan Landslide and using radioactive dating technique, geologists at the University of Washington have found that the massive nearby slide happened around 500 years ago. Researchers managed to unearth samples of wood buried in the Rowan landslide, just... read more

Toxic Algae Outbreak Might Worsen Due To Warming Of Lakes

Researchers through a recently conducted study have found that rise in temperature of lakes all of the world will trigger toxic algae outbreak which will be very harmful for marine ecosystem.

The study co-funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation suggested that increase in lake... read more

Washington to receive $1.2 million in Medicaid reimbursement by Novartis

Washington has reached an agreement with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in its kickback scheme in order to promote its drug, Exjade. Attorney General Bob Ferguson said that the agreement forms to be part of a pending execution by the company.

The company would provide the state with... read more

Laser used to refrigerate water for first time

Since the invention of lasers, they have always given off heat from weapons to useful tools. Previously, researchers have never succeeded in using the concentrated beam of light in cooling things off until a research team at the University of Washington (UW) conducted an experiment.

For... read more

Astronomers create 'Habitability index' that will make hunt for alien life easy

University of Washington's virtual planetary laboratory astronomers have come up with a way to compare and rank exoplanets to help in prioritizing which of the thousands found warrant close inspection to seek life beyond Earth.

The latest metric, known as ‘habitability index for... read more

Incredible Sense of Smell and Vision in Disease-Causing Mosquitoes is an Alarm for the Future Species, finds Study

Mosquitoes have been considered to be the prime source of numerous diseases and deaths occurring in and around the world. This rising alarm boosted researchers to study the behaviour of mosquitoes and methods by which they track down their victims.

According to the University of... read more

Police find cash, knives in car of suspect in Washington DC multiple murder case

A new affidavit made public on Friday revealed that police investigators probing the killings of four people inside a Washington DC mansion have found cash, two knives, three mobile phones and an IPad in the vehicle occupied by a suspect charged in the cruel killings.

Investigators found... read more

Bethesda teases 'Fallout 4' announcement with countdown clock

Bethesda Softworks, the creator of famous video game series "Fallout", is all set to announce the release of the next installment the uber-popular series.

The company's official website is redirecting visitors to a different URL, viz. Fallout.bethsoft.com, which features a countdown clock... read more

Federal agents were successful in arresting the suspect behind the killings of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper. Daron Dylon Wint, 34, and four others, were taken into custody in Northeast Washington.

Cmdr. Robert Fernandez, head of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force... read more

Health Departments investigate measles case in Fairfax County

A confirmed case of measles in an adult is being investigated by the Fairfax County Health Department and the DC Health Department. According to reports, the adult patient recently travelled internationally. The person has been discharged from Inova Fairfax Medical Campus and is free from... read more

'Gluten-Free' Probiotics: Are they Really Gluten Free?

In a study conducted by researchers at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York, it was found that many probiotic supplements that are labeled as ‘gluten free’, in fact contain traces of gluten. The results of the study will be presented this week at the... read more

Fannie Mae posts $1.9B profit in first quarter

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae has reported net income of $1.9 billion for the first quarter. The net income was sharply down from the same period a year ago because of the lower fee income and larger losses on investments used to hedge against swings in interest rates.

Thursday’s results for... read more


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