Researchers discover Ancient Fossil of pig-snouted Turtle in Utah

A group of researchers has discovered a pig-snouted turtle fossil in Utah. The discovery was confirmed by the University of Utah. As per the university’s statement, the researchers from Utah’s the Natural History Museum discovered the fossil in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in... read more

Loners at Risk of Early Death: Study

A study by Brigham Young University in Utah unveiled that loners die early. Being alone not only affects a person mentally but also physically, said the study researchers. The researchers evaluated data for the study subjects over a period of 35 years. Remaining lonely for 35 years was... read more

‘Go Red For Women’ campaign kicks off at Utah State Capitol

The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement has kicked off with the Heart on the Hill event at the Utah State Capitol. Thousands of men and women will wear red throughout the month of February to help raise awareness for heart disease.

Dale Johns, CEO of Salt Lake Regional... read more

Scrolls preserved in eruption of Vesuvius to be read using X-Ray technique

According to researchers, secrets hidden in ancient scrolls buried about 2,000 years ago by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius may be revealed by using a new X-ray technique.

They said the X-ray tomography may help read the scrolls buried in ash by the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius without... read more

Supreme Court clears Way for Same-Sex Marriages in Several States

The petitions to decide whether or not there is a right to same-sex marriage under the US constitution have been slammed by the Supreme Court. The court on Monday rejected all appeals from five states to prohibit same-sex marriage. The decision has now triggered a debated inside the GOP between... read more

Surveillance Video confirms Harding’s Drink was poisoned

A recently released surveillance video has confirmed that Jan Harding, 67, suffered critical injuries in August after drinking sweet tea. Authorities said that her drink was poisoned with a cleaning chemical.

Surveillance video of Jan Harding showed her taking a sip of the tea at a Dickey... read more

California struck by Autumn Heat Wave

People in California are still facing autumn heat waves when people in some other parts of the country are unpacking their winter clothes. The Santa Ana Winds are responsible for the plight of Californians. Those chameleon-like gusts start out icy cold in the Great Basin region of Utah and... read more

Accidental Firing at Utah’s School

Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery at Westbrook Elementary School in Utah was carrying a gun and was injured in accidental firing. In Utah, one can take concealed weapons permit and those having the permit can carry the weapons in a school.

In fact, teachers are not even required to inform... read more

Treat for dinosaur lovers

Way back in 2009, a resident discovered an area with 200-plus dinosaurs track in Moab, Utah. During the past few years, paleontologists led by a team at the University of Colorado were studying and analyzing these footprints. Now that they are done with their research, this area is all set to be... read more

Dinosaur Tracks Discovered In Utah Will Be Opened to Public in October

Good news for all the dinosaur lovers. The area of dinosaur tracks in Utah that were discovered way back in 2009 will be finally opened for the public now. This formerly off-limits area near Moab is being prepared for a public unveiling sometime in October, as reported by the officials of the... read more

Coming October, you can see Footprints of 125 million-year-old Dinosaurs in Utah

The extraordinary footprints of 125 million-year-old dinosaurs, which were discovered in Utah, will be displayed to the public for the first time in October. The tracks were first discovered by a Moab resident, Hiker, in 2009 but the location of the discovery-site has been kept a secret.

read more

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