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New Technology to Digitally Navigate Three-Dimensional Images

A software has been developed by researchers to digitally navigate three-dimensional images. Called as Virtual Finger, the new technology has paved a way to make 3D imaging studies more efficient so as to save time, money and resources across many areas of experimental biology. Even by using the... read more

Turtle Webcam Installed in Florida Keys

The Florida Keys Tourism Council-funded webcam installed in the Florida Keys is providing an opportunity to view hatching of turtles and leaving the nest to find their place in the world.

The high-definition camera using infrared light will provide not only daylight observation, but also... read more

Space station shipment to ISS finally launched from Virginia

Orbital Sciences Corp successfully launched its Cygnus capsule from the Virginia coast on Sunday. This is its third space station delivery for NASA carrying 3,000 pounds of supplies which contain food, science samples and new odor-resistant gym clothes for the resident crew.

This delivery... read more

Oklahoma suffers sevenquakes on Saturday & Sunday

Oklahoma suffered at least seven earthquakes in the past couple of days and the most severe quake was of a magnitude of 4.3 near Langston, the U. S. Geological Survey reported.

According to the U. S. Geological Survey's official website, 4.3-magnitude earthquake near Langston on Saturday... read more

Acura recalling 14,078 ILX vehicles in US due to faulty headlights

In a statement released on Tuesday, Japanese automaker Honda Motors' luxury automobile branch Acura said that it will issue a voluntary recall of 14,078 ILX vehicles in the US because of faulty headlights.

The ILX sedans being recalled by Acura are 2013-2014 models. While the affected... read more

100,000-Year-Old Human Skull Displays Characteristics Long Thought to Occur only In Neanderthals

A research by Washington University in St. Louis has broken a preconceived notion of scientists. Researchers found the inner ear of a 100,000-year-old fossilized early human skull 35 years ago in northern China.

The inner ear had characteristics, which previously were considered to be... read more

FWS asked to Reconsider Scientific Conclusion for Vulnerability of Wolverines to Climate Change

There are chances that wolverines may no longer be protected under Endangered Species Act. Scientists with the US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) have been asked to reconsider their scientific conclusions with regard to the vulnerability of wolverines to climate change.

In fact, they... read more

Most of Long Island’s Beaches Reopen to Swimming

New York health officials said most of the Long Island's beaches that were closed due to concerns with regard to bacteria levels have been reopened.

On Saturday, the health department asked ten North Shore beaches and one on the South Shore to be closed. Two beaches in Suffolk County were... read more

Report hints at new Nokia Lumia 830 handset with ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding

A recent report by GSM Arena has revealed that a new Windows Phone handset has been spotted in Chinese search engine Baidu. As per the report, the handset is apparently the Lumia 830 smartphone --- successor to the Lumia 820 handset which hit the markets a couple of years back.

The image... read more

‘First Choice Bee Removal’ Providing Services in Arizona As Well

'First Choice Bee Removal' has been making efforts to help people responsibly remove bee infestations from their homes in key areas of Arizona. Bees are facing global threat and many experts feel that they are about to reach extinction. Researchers have not been able to find the precise cause of... read more

Triceratops Evolved Triple Horns over Millions of Years

It took millions of years for triceratops, dinosaur, to evolve those triple horns for which it was know. After studying more than 50 triceratops skulls unearthed at the Hell Creek site in Montana, researchers from Montana State University were able to reach at the above given conclusion.

... read more

Failure of Launch Pad's Water System Causes Delay in Lift-Off of NASA Carbon-Hunting Satellite

Due to failure in water system of the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the launch of an unmanned Delta 2 rocket was cancelled less than a minute before the liftoff. The rocket was all set to liftoff at 2:56 a.m. PDT from a launch pad that has been used for the first time in... read more


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