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UK scientists develop genetically modified chicken

Researchers in the United Kingdom have developed genetically modified chickens to fight against bird flu. The genetically modified chickens don’t spread bird flu to other chickens in their surroundings. Researchers at the University of Cambridge Department of Veterinary Medicine and Roslin... read more

Music can benefit Patients

British scientists have found another great use of music. Researchers said listening to music before, during and after surgery helps reduce patient’s pain. It even eases their anxiety and reduces the need for painkillers.

Writing in the Lancet, researchers from Queen Mary University of... read more

UK Highways Agency to test under-the-road wireless charging technology

According to a Huffington Post report, an ambitious plan has been unveiled the UK Highways Agency to push electric and hybrid cars into the mainstream.

The report has revealed that an innovative new motorway technology -- as under-the-road wireless charging technology – will be tested by... read more

Scientists Capture Complex Creature’s CNS Functioning

A team of researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute has managed to capture the functioning of the Central Nervous System (CNS) in a moving animal.

Philipp Keller and his team made use of a new technique called light-sheet microscopy for capturing the CNS imagery of a fruit fly’s... read more

Rising temperature may cause extinction of butterfly species by 2050

The New York Times published that the six species currently under threat due to rising temperatures include the cabbage white, the small cabbage white, the green-veined white, the speckled wood, the large skipper and the ringlet and are native to England.

The records from the last big... read more

Pregnant Women should take Iodine Supplements

It is important for pregnant women to have iodine as it helps boost babies’ brain power. Iodine helps brain development of child particularly in the womb and in the first months. Therefore, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be encouraged to take supplements of iodine.

The findings... read more

Music in Operating Theatres may not be Good Idea

A research by the National Journal of Nurses has unveiled that surgeons listening to music surgical procedures is not a good idea and may make it difficult for them to concentrate. The researchers said that a surgeon carrying out the procedure is five times more likely to repeat a request when... read more

Fish May Be Learning Tricks to Escape Nets: Study

Scientists at the University of Glasgow through a recent study have found that fish that are fit are much better to evade nets. The study helped researchers understand that if the same continues, over time, it could lead to physiological changes in future fish population.

Researchers... read more

It’s almost impossible for Obese People to reach Normal weight: Study

An American Journal of Public Health-published research has unveiled that there are very rare chances for obese people to reach normal weight. Without surgical intervention, the odds of clinically obese person coming to normal weight are 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women in a given year.... read more

Genetically Modified Diamond moth is Safer Way to Control Insect Pests

Diamondback moth, an invasive species of moth, causes severe damage to cabbages, kale, canola and other crops across the world. Owing to which, $5 billion in crop damage has to be faced every year. Now, researchers from Oxford University have come up with a pesticide-free and environmental... read more

Louis Tomlinson reportedly expecting a baby with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth

Louis Tomlinson of the widely-popular British band One Direction is reportedly expecting a baby with a Los Angeles-based stylist. According to People Magazine, 23-year-old Tomlinson is set to become a parent with his girl friend Briana Jungwirth following a brief relationship.

Citing an... read more

Apple Takes its Mobile Payment Service Worldwide, Tuesday sees UK launch of Apple Pay

Apple lives up to its commitment of Apple Pay expansion plans made in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The tech giant on Tuesday launched its mobile payment service in UK, eight months after the service was released in the US.

Following the launch of the service, the Apple... read more


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