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“Talk To me” Campaign Likely To entertain Lonely Londoners

A new campaign, "Talk to me", is altering the image of London which is perceived as one of the loneliest places in Britain. The founders of this campaign are Polly Akhurst and David Blackwell.

The routine which involves listening to music all the time by plugging earphones, dealing with... read more

High Five or a Fist Bump is More Hygienic than a Handshake, Says Study

Through a series of tests, researchers at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in Wales documented that fist bumps are 20 times more hygienic than handshakes.

Participants dipped their hands, covered with sterilized gloves, into a soup... read more

Scientists to broaden their Probe into Higgs Boson’s Identity

It has been more than two years for the discovery of the Higgs Boson, a particle that could explain why everything in the universe has mass, and physicists are now preparing to broaden their probe into its identity to solve other great cosmic mysteries.

In order to answer certain cosmic-... read more

Brain Activity in Sex Addicts has Similarities with People Addicted to Drugs: Study

After carrying out research on brain activity in sex addicts, researchers from University of Cambridge have found some similarities with drug addicts.

For the research, scientists performed brain scans on 19 men who were suffering from compulsive sexual behavior watching pornographic... read more

Two British Journalists Seek Admission in Hospital after Eating Spicy Burger

A type of burger that is known as hottest in England has sent two British journalists to hospital this week. It was only a bite of the burger that led one journalist who tried the 'XXX Hot Chili Burger' to get hospitalized after experiencing stomach pains and loss of feeling in his hands as his... read more

BBC Improving its Science Coverage, Including Climate Change

BBC has been making serious efforts to improve its coverage of scientific topics, including climate change, so that people are not being provided with false information, according to a new report prepared by the BBC's independent governing body, the BBC Trust.

In the past, BBC has been... read more

410-million-year-old Arachnid Crawls Back into Virtual World

An arachnid that lived 410 million years ago is back into virtual world and all the credit for the same goes to the research team at the University of Manchester, UK.

Researchers have used the fossils of one of the first predators on land to recreate the walking motion of the species.... read more


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