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Rare flower that smells like rotting flesh blooming in Mount Lofty Botanic Garden near Adelaide

People in huge numbers gathered in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden near Adelaide to get a glimpse of an uncommon flower that smells like rotting flesh and is nearly 2 metres tall.

Commonly known as the corpse flower, the Amorphophallus titanium has started opening in the garden's... read more

Latest Video Confirms New Caledonian Crows as Toolmakers

Something never seen before video has been captured by two University of Exeter behavioral ecologists in the United Kingdom. From past one decade, the South Pacific island-dwelling crows are known for their shrewd tool-use. The latest video shows how New Caledonian crows actually make their own... read more

Video: New Caledonian Crow making Own Hook-Shaped Tools for Foraging

Not only humans are born with engineering skills, you will be surprised to know that crows too have engineering skills. Latest video released shows how New Caledonian crows actually make their own hook-shaped tools for foraging. From past one decade, the South Pacific island-dwelling crows are... read more

Middle-aged women with gum disease have slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer than those without gum problems

A latest study has suggested that middle-aged women with gum disease have a little more chances of developing breast cancer in comparison to the ones without gum problems. Reuters wrote that women with gum disease, who smoked cigarettes or had quit the habit in the last 2 decades, were more... read more

Lionhead Studios delays ‘Fable Legends’ open beta until spring 2016

Video game developer Lionhead Studios - the developer of the popular Fable video game series – has revealed in a recent announcement made via its website that the open beta release of ‘Fable Legends’ has been delayed until the spring of 2016.

According to reports, ‘Fable Legends’ is a co... read more

Happiness and Longevity Have No Link, Finds Study

A new study has solved the long held belief that happiness is strongly linked to longevity. The team that presented their findings in The Lancet studied almost 700,000 women in Britain.

Although being unhappy or depressed might make you take less care of your health, according to the... read more

University Of Cambridge Launches Artificial Intelligence Centre

Presently several researches on artificial intelligence are in progress across the world. Recently the University of Cambridge announced that it will be setting up a £10million New Interdisciplinary Research Centre to explore the challenges and opportunities to humanity.

According to a... read more

Government under serious pressure to drop its opposition to a tax on sugary drinks

After the publication of a hard-hitting report from MPs, saying a 20% levy is an important part of any national strategy for tackling child obesity, the government is facing a lot of pressure to withdraw its opposition to a tax on sugary drinks.

David Cameron has ordered a sugar tax... read more

First unit of Bentley’s Bentayga SUV rolls off assembly line in Crewe, UK

According to reports, the first unit of Bentley’s brand new Bentayga SUV has recently rolled off the company’s production line at its Crewe, UK, headquarters.

The first unit of Bentley's Bentayga SUV was handcrafted across 130 hours; and it passed through the company’s new bodystore,... read more

Spoonful of sugar before physical event can boost your performance

Researchers, through a recently conducted study, have found that drinking a spoonful of sugar mixed in normal water, instead of having any sports drink, will help to boost your performance of long-distance athletes.

The team of researchers at the University of Bath said they have found... read more

Betrayal of Trust from Moral Disputes Led To Spread of Early Humans across the World About 100,000 Years Ago

Researchers, through a recent study, explained how early humans dispersed throughout the world around 100,000 years ago. This rapid spread of humans was a result of developing human nature, as per the study.

The study by researchers from the University of York suggests that betrayal of... read more

UK carrier O2 is testing network-level ad-blocking technology

According to a Business Insider report, UK wireless carrier O2 has revealed that it is actively testing a network-level mobile ad-blocking technology.

Going by the details shared by O2 with Business Insider, the ad-blocking technology being tested by the carrier -- which is a UK... read more


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