40,000-year-old Rare Mammoth Skeleton Found

Wayne McEwen, a resident of Texas, found an intact mammoth skeleton in his farm. Paleontologists said it is an important discovery for in the field of science and will prove helpful in carrying out further studies.

Wayne excavated a six-foot tusk along with a complete skeleton of a... read more

California bill would require colleges to set ‘affirmative consent standard’

California lawmakers are mulling a new measure that would require all colleges and universities to establish an "affirmative consent standard" that could be used to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault allegations.

As universities have been scrambling to handle rape allegations and... read more

Confirmation for First Case of West Nile in El Paso County may Come Soon

A woman in El Paso County is likely to be confirmed as the first case of West Nile of the season. Doctors conducted a diagnosis on her this weekend, but final confirmation is still awaited. Nancy Red Willow is of the view that mosquitoes have to be blamed for transmitting the disease after they... read more

Two Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza grew up in Texas and California

Two of the 13 Israeli soldiers who were killed by militants this weekend in the northern Gaza Strip grew up in Texas and California states of the United States.

Twenty-one-year-old Sgt. Sean Carmeli grew up on South Padre Island, just off the southernmost tip of Texas. His Israeli-born... read more

300-Year-Old Ship transferred to Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin

The La Belle ship has been transferred to the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. The ship was in murky waters off the Texas coast for more than 300 years and was preserved at Texas A&M University for 17 years. The ship belonged to French explorer Sieur de la Salle.

The... read more

FAA approves SpaceX for Texas spaceport

The first privately-owned base in the world for vertical launches of spacecraft has got an official approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This approval was won by Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) and the new spaceport will be built in Texas.

The FAA reported... read more

Texas Brings about Regulation for Boaters to Battle Zebra Mussels

Texas has come up with new rules for boaters so as to help the state deal with a trouble-causing shellfish. Texas is now seeking help from boaters to prevent the spread of the zebra mussel.

The fingernail-size zebra mussel was first found in Ukraine and it has now spread to several Texas... read more

Texas Governor Rick Perry may move to California next year

Texas Gov. Rick Perry could move to California in January next year after finishing his stint running the state, according to a recently published article.

Writer Mark Leibovich claimed in the article that Mr. Perry told him about his love for the Golden State, and about the possibility... read more

America needs both California & Texas to be incredibly competitive:Gov. Perry

There is need to promote a good, healthy competition between Texas and California to make the two states as well as the whole nation prosper, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said.

Addressing members of the Commonwealth Club at a grand hotel atop Nob Hill on Wednesday night, Mr. Perry stressed that... read more

Only way to make Tesla car faster is to make it in Texas:says Gov. Perry

Having his eyes on electric carmaker Tesla's planned battery factory, Texas Governor Rick Perry rode into Sacramento in an all-electric Tesla car on Tuesday.

Thumbing his nose at California Governor Jerry Brown, Mr. Perry claimed that the only way to make that Tesla electric car faster... read more

California really better than Texas

Texas lawmakers often tout the state's economic success, which they attribute to fewer regulations and lower taxes than California. But, opponents of Texas' claims argue that California and not Texas is the blueprint for the US' future. Let's have a look at some of the facts that hint that... read more


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