Kayakers will reach Shell's oil drill rig in Seattle

People who are protesting against Arctic oil drilling are planning to go in kayaks to reach Shell's huge offshore drilling rig. This decision has been taken by protesters as it may arrive any day in Seattle, causing rise in stakes in the conflict over oil exploration in Arctic Ocean.

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Microsoft buys Surface Pen maker N-Trig

Confirmation has come from Microsoft for its purchase of advanced digital pen technology from stylus manufacturer N-Trig. The company has created the Surface pen and Microsoft’s acquisition is intended to bring more of its hardware production in-house.

There were speculations for the... read more

Microsoft's HoloLens can bring Robots and Gadgets based on Raspberry Pi 2 to life

Robots and gadgets based on Raspberry Pi 2 can be brought to life with the help of HoloLens head-mounted computer, said Microsoft. Being an augmented-reality headset, HoloLens allow users to interact with 3D objects that appear as floating images, very similar to holographic projections.

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Microsoft could allow Android apps on Windows phones: Sources

Later this year, Microsoft Corp could allow apps from competitor Google’s Android operating system onto its own Windows phones. On Wednesday, this information was given by two sources familiar with the matter. This move by Microsoft indicates a major shift for the company. The world's biggest... read more

Amazon updates Digital Distribution Platform Whispercast

An update for Whispercast was all set to come from Amazon today. Amazon’s self-service platform helps schools and other organizations to provide digital content including books, textbooks and apps to Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle apps on other platforms

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Amazon can expect analyst upgrades after positive surprise with cloud services revenue

Amazon’s cloud services division has be capability of generating $5 billion in revenue and over a billion dollars in profit. The stock jumped by nearly 15 percent after the company announced first quarter numbers and for the first time, shared the revenue figures from Amazon Web Services, the... read more

Amazon reports financial performance of its cloud division

On Thursday, for the first time, online retailer Amazon reported the financial performance of its powerful growth engine. The numbers looked attractive, particularly when compared with companies like Microsoft and Google that are making strong efforts in the cloud computing and storage segment... read more

Microsoft adds more Lumia phones to Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 preview support for more Lumia handsets after working on ‘partition stitching’ feature that would allow dynamic resizing of system partition. The next test release for Windows 10 is expected around April. In the first list announced by Microsoft in February... read more

Paul Allen donates $100 million to create new Cell Science Institute

On Monday, software billionaire Paul Allen announced that he is donating $100 million to launch an industrial-scale effort to understand the basic building block of all living things, the cell.

The funding will be donated over five years to create a new Allen Institute for Cell Science in... read more

Microsoft Offers $150 Discount for College Students

Microsoft has offered discount of $150 to students and teachers for all the three models of Surface Pro 3. The base model will cost $649 after discount. The discount will continue till September 3.

The most awaited Surface Pro 3 was launched in May this year and has been able to get... read more

Detailed Specifications of Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Leaked Online

Details of the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 leaked online on the official website of technology major were spotted WPCentral suggest that Microsoft is planning to support 1280x800 WXGA resolution, screen size of 6.01 inch to 7 inch and 540x960 native qHD resolution.

The Windows Phone 8.1... read more

Satya Nadella Takes Serious Steps to Change Microsoft

Satya Nadella has taken some serious steps to make changes at Microsoft. The company has announced the biggest layoff in its history. The market experts have appreciated the moves planned by the new leadership at Microsoft and the stock has gone up by 21% after Nadella took over the command.... read more


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