Researchers Explore Crater Found in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula

Last year in July, a 260-foot crater suddenly appeared in the Yamal peninsula in northern Russia. This week, a group of rappelling researchers bravely descended to the bottom of this crater. The formation of this mysterious giant sinkhole is one phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for months... read more

Greenpeace’s Submarine Attacked by Jumbo Squids

Greenpeace's submarine was attacked by Jumbo squids in the Bering Sea, which runs between Russia and Alaska.

The submarine management team further informed that they were a pair of Humboldt squids also known as "jumbo squid" or "red devil". They have a reputation for aggression towards... read more

Over 140 World Leaders to discuss Global Issues at United Nations General Assembly

Over 140 world leaders would participate in 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Meeting in New York. The major issues expected to lead the discussions are the threat of violent fundamentalism, civil strife in Ukraine and the new epidemic- the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in... read more

Two Russian Cosmonauts and a NASA Astronaut safely land on Earth after Six Months

Two Russian cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut have returned after spending more than six months in space. They were sent to the international space station on March 26.

Travelling on a Russian Soyuz capsule, former station commander Steve Swanson and Cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg... read more

New Army Weapon’s Test fails as Rocket Blows Up

A test intended for a new Army weapon failed after the rocket blew up. It was mere four seconds in flight when the rocket went out of control and started spinning around and disintegrating. The launch of the rocket was aimed at testing of a hypersonic glider designed to fly at such an incredible... read more

Traces of Sea Plankton Found on ISS’s Window Surface

Microorganisms like bacteria have the ability to survive in space. But it has happened for the first time that terrestrial sea plankton has been found on the surface of the International Space Station (ISS).

"We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the... read more

Russia organizes Unscheduled Checks at McDonald's Restaurants in Urals Region

It was revealed on Thursday that Russia's food safety watchdog is conducting uninformed checks at McDonald's restaurants in the Ural Mountains region of Sverdlovsk, after citing breaches of sanitary rules made by restaurants in the fast food chain. The food safety agency disclosed the... read more

Family of Pterosaurs was Toothless, Still Dominated Earth's Early Skies

According to a new study by Russian paleontologists, a species of huge flying lizards once dominated earth's skies despite being toothless. Size of Azhdarchid pterosaurs was similar to a small aircraft. The name of Azhdarchid pterosaurs is inspired from the Persian word Azdarha meaning dragon... read more

Study Reveals Forces that Protect Earth from asteroid Impact

Scientists have discovered the forces that hold together the constituents of the near-earth asteroid and potentially protect the planet from an asteroid collision. The researchers found that asteroid 1950 DA was rotating faster than the breakup limit for its density. But, instead of... read more

Canada, Denmark and Russia Claiming Extension of their Underwater Territories up to North Pole

Canada in order sustain its bid to expand its territory up to the North Pole has started a mission in which it will be mapping the Arctic seabed. Denmark and Russia have also set claims for underwater extension of their territories.

Canada has already sent two icebreakers to the High... read more

Russia’s import ban on U.S. farm products won’t affect Calif. growers: expert says

Russia's ban on food imports from the United States, Canada and other western countries will not have a major impact on California farmers, an expert assured.

Director Dan Sumner, of the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, pointed out that Russia is not a big purchaser of... read more

Global Effort Required to Deal with Threat of Cyber Attacks

Stealing of 1.2 billion user names and passwords by Russian crooks has marked the biggest breach on record. Experts have called for more Internet security, which will not be possible without making global efforts. Apart from making website security stronger, it will be required to bring... read more


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