FDA orders Pennsylvania company to recall its scope-cleaning machines used at UCLA and over 1,000 other hospitals and clinics

The US regulators have asked a Pennsylvania company to recall its scope-cleaning machines used at UCLA and over 1,000 other hospitals and clinics, amid the going on investigation into superbug outbreaks across the nation.

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it has... read more

Study finds why some smokers are kick the butt while others struggle

Many smokers want to quit, but some people are successful to leave the habit than others. Two studies have shed light on new ways by which quitting the habit can be made easier.

In the studies, the researchers looked at the brains and behavior of smokers. A trial published in the journal... read more

Mylan Board unanimously refuses takeover Bid from Teva due to lower valuation

A $40.1 billion takeover offer from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has been unanimously rejected by Mylan NV’s board. The reasons given by Mylan for rejecting the offer were the amount being too low and showing nothing that how the difficulties of combining companies with different culture... read more

Two HIV virus strains come from gorillas in southwestern Cameroon

According to an international team of scientists, two strains of the virus out of four that can lead to AIDS come from gorillas in southwestern Cameroon. It has been reported by scientists in the studies published on Monday in the US. With this new information, scientists have come to know the... read more

Hershey Announces Launch of Reese’s Peanut Butter cup Flavored Spread

The Hershey Company, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America announced the launch of a Reese's peanut butter cup flavored spread.

The Hershey Company commonly called Hershey's and its headquarters are in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is also home to Hershey's Chocolate World.... read more

Murry's Inc. recalls 31,000 pounds of breaded chicken products

Pennsylvania-based Murry's has recalled 31,689 pounds of gluten-free breaded chicken products due to fear of bacterial contamination. The United States Department of Agriculture has issued a press release confirming the recall of chicken products due to Staphylococcal entertoxin contamination... read more

Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspends McCaffery in Connection with Email Porn Scandal

On Monday, Seamus P. McCaffery, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, has been suspended with a 4-1 vote of his court colleagues. The Supreme Court suspended Justice Seamus P. McCaffery with pay in connection with an email porn scandal.

According to the court, justice McCaffery has been... read more

New Technology could help in Industrial Scale Production of Graphene

Researchers from Penn State University have suggested an improved technique for industrial scale production of Graphene. Scientists have termed Graphene as a wonderful material with interesting properties which could be a game-changer in the electronics industry. However, industrial scale... read more

Whooping cough outbreak in Montgomery

On August 26, in the very first week of the school year, earliest sign of a whooping cough outbreak came to light when the health officials got a call about a newly diagnosed case of a student who had attended a Pennsylvania summer camp.

By the time the second week of school ended, both... read more

DARPA is Funding Research to Restore and Boost Human Memory

The continued attempts by scientists to tap the human brain to find ways to restore memory and also the deficits caused due to traumatic brain injuries will be funded by US research agency. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) challenged the researchers to build a device that... read more

Pennsylvania PUC urged to grant temporary permits to Uber, Lyft

On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) was urged by local political leaders and state legislators for grant of temporary permits to Uber and Lyft ride-sharing companies.

Temporary permits have been sought for Uber and Lyft so that the two ride-sharing companies can... read more

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