Oregon hosts one-day event for players interested in playing for Ducks

The University of Oregon recently hosted a one-day event at Orange Coast College’s Pirate Park for high school baseball players who might be interested in attending the university and playing for renowned Ducks coach George Horton.

The Southern California Showcase Camp in Costa Mesa was... read more

Researchers develop bacon-flavored seaweed food

Seaweed has great nutritional values but it has failed to make its way to the dinning table because of its poor taste. But a team of researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) has apparently solved that problem.

While trying to develop a new food for a particular species of sea snail,... read more


According to reports, Oregon can now sponsor sex reassignment surgery and other medical costs of transition procedure in transgender individuals. This year, on January 1, this law went into effect and earlier also some other states have put it into effect.

However, after news broke that... read more

Researchers study seahorse tail’s markup for advanced robotic medical devices

A team of researchers at Oregon State University have explored the makeup of the seahorse tail and rendered its mechanics using 3D-printed prototypes as part of their efforts to provide flexibility to stiff robots.

Seahorse can be described as a small fish with horse-like head. Unlike... read more

In a new study, published on Wednesday in the journal Child Development, psychologists from the University of Oregon have claimed that it is the working memory that moderates behaviour in teenagers.

The study collected data for 360 teens, aged between 12 and 15 over a period of two years... read more

Antarctic Fish Species has natural antifreeze

Researchers have revealed an interesting fact about a fish species known as Notothenioids. The fish have ice in their veins, which doesn't even melt during warm season. The fish produce proteins that act as a type of natural anti-freeze which keeps the ice crystals small in size.

These... read more

California’s Happy Camp Complex wildfire getting larger

The U. S. Forest Service has warned that the Happy Camp Complex wildfire burning along the California-Oregon border is 'extreme' and it is getting larger day after day.

Ignited by a lightning strike on August 11, 2014, the fire has been burning in California's Klamath National Forest. By... read more

Toe Hair help Gecko stick it to Wall

New research on gecko shows that the stickiness of its toes is the reason the lizard can climb to vertical walls and attach itself to surface. Incredible adhesive properties help the creature to run across the surface at 20 body lengths per second.

The adhesion system of the creature... read more

Fighter jet captures dramatic pictures of ‘fire clouds’ over California wildfires

A fighter jet has captured dramatic pictures of the so-called "fire clouds" that are forming above gigantic wildfires raging along the California-Oregon border.

An Oregon Air National Guard F-15C's camera captured the pictures of developing fire clouds, also called pyrocumulus clouds, as... read more

Thousands of Anchovies Died Trying to Swim Upriver at Seaside

While trying to swim upriver at Seaside, Oregon, a number of anchovies died. The incident, which took place on July 28, turned the Necanicum River a mass grave of anchovies.

Anchovies entered the river at high tide and died. It is not something new as whenever, there is a high tide many... read more

Ex-California wolf OR-7 has at least three pups

An ex-California wolf, called OR-7, has at least three pups that he and a mate are raising in the Cascade Range of southern Oregon, new photographs released by the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service on Friday confirmed.

The fresh photographs were captured on 12th of July, by a remote trail... read more

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