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California bill would require teams to consider cheerleaders as employees

A first-of-its-kind bill sent to California Gov. Jerry Brown this week would require professional sports teams to consider their cheerleaders as employees and pay at least minimum wage in addition to other benefits like overtime and paid sick leave.

Professional teams like Oakland Raiders... read more

Engineer from Binghamton University develops five cents 3-D paper-based battery

A researcher developed an inexpensive, bacteria-powered battery by using origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.

The battery was developed by Seokheun Choi from the State University of New York at Binghamton. It generates power from microbial respiration.

The five-cent origami... read more

NY Times: Apple’s 2015 WWDC event will not include release of updated Apple TV

The New York Times has revealed in a recent report that Apple will not announce the release of its much-awaited updated Apple TV set-top box at its 2015 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event which is scheduled to be held next week.

According to the report, based on the information... read more

In an enlarging milieu of shipping and logistics services, with Uber testing its local delivery service, Postmates collaborating with McDonald's and Starbucks and Walmart test running an unlimited and super economical shipping service, Amazon too, is competitively expanding its Prime Now... read more

New Map gives Most Distinctive Causes of Death for Each US State

A recent map released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave the most distinctive causes of death for each state.

So far, heart disease and cancer have been the leading causes of mortality around the United States, but this latest map showed which diseases are... read more

Case launches most Secure Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

Over the past few years, Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo Mt.Gox suffered from serious security breaches. Along with Mt.Gox, Bitstamp and a number of other centralized services experienced breaches in last few years. Case is aware of the breaches and it has decided to end all this. It has built... read more

Chad Coleman’s Uncalled-for Public Outburst

In an angry outburst that had the passengers aboard a New York City subway train withdrawing from their seats, it was the Hollywood actor Chad L. Coleman who lost his cool over some comments he overheard from a fellow passenger.

In a video posted by TMZ on Friday, Coleman was seen... read more

Estranged Wife Michelle Rounds slams Parenting of Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell's estranged wife, Michelle Rounds, has criticized her parenting. Rounds wants custody of their two-year-old daughter Dakota. According to Michelle, Rosie has not been taking a good care of the kid and is relying a lot on nannies and never teaches discipline to her.

She... read more

Former Homeless Shelter Resident shoots shelter’s Head

According to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), a former resident of a New York homeless shelter shot and killed a Whitestone mother, who served as the director of the shelter. Before shooting her, the former resident tried to rape her, the NYPD report added.

The woman murdered... read more

Attorney General sues Two Tanning Salon Franchises over Alleged False Advertising

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sued two tanning salon franchises over alleged false advertising that downplays the health risks linked to indoor tanning. One of the franchises operates in Albany area locations.

On Thursday, the suit was filed, claiming that Portofino Spas LLC and... read more

Honda unveils sleek and sporty new Civic design at NY auto show

Japanese automaker Honda unveiled its sleek and sporty-looking next-generation Civic sedan at the New York Auto Show last week. The concept car showcased by Honda at the auto show will inspire the automaker's next- generation Civic sedan which is scheduled to hit the markets in fall 2015. The... read more

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and North Shore-LIJ sign an affiliation agreement

Cold Spring Harbor (CSHL) in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, NY and North Shore-LIJ Health System announced a new research and treatment agreement, which could help benefit more cancer patients in the New York City metropolitan area.

The agreement involves an investment of over $120... read more


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