Legal Challenge Halts NASA’s Taxi Program

The taxi program of NASA has been put on halt, after the process was legally challenged by failed bidder Sierra Nevada. Initially, there were three companies that were bidding for the space taxi program: Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Boeing. These companies were competing for a contract to built... read more

California struck by Autumn Heat Wave

People in California are still facing autumn heat waves when people in some other parts of the country are unpacking their winter clothes. The Santa Ana Winds are responsible for the plight of Californians. Those chameleon-like gusts start out icy cold in the Great Basin region of Utah and... read more

Smart Meters could be Responsible for Recent Fire, says Fire Chiefs

Two fire chiefs of northern Nevada have asked the Public Utilities Commission to carry out an investigation on the safety of NV Energy's residential "smart" meters, as they think that these could be the source of recent fires.

Cal Fire said that they doubt fires that took place in Reno... read more

Climate Change posing Threats of Extinction to Nevada's Endangered Pupfish

A new study has revealed that climate change and warming waters are threatening Nevada's endangered pupfish. The tiny iridescent blue fish has thrived in the depths of a cavern in Nevada's desert for 10,000 years, but rise in water temperature has now reduced their numbers significantly.

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Jailed fighter transported to Nevada

MMA Fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, who was jailed earlier, has been transferred to Nevada from the jail in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles, on Wednesday.

The fighter, who is known as "War Machine", was held in a Las Vegas jail on Saturday after he was transferred from Southern... read more

Pastor Robert Cox awaiting extradition to Nevada after bar scuffle

While the police is preparing to extradite California pastor Robert Cox to Nevada on a charge of murder of a man outside a Las Vegas sports bar, his wife has defended him, arguing that detectives' recollection of events was a 'straight up lie'.

Robert Cox, of Manteca, California, claims... read more

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