Maryland boy is youngest to get double hand transplant

It has been announced by surgeons that a boy from Maryland who lost his both hands as a result of an infection when he was a toddler has become the youngest patient to get a double hand transplant. As per surgeons at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, they performed surgery on Zion Harvey... read more

Women with (XDR) TB Quarantined, Sent to NIH, Maryland

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention moved a patient suffering from an extreme form of tuberculosis into isolation on Friday, in order to contain the air-borne bacteria of the disease from spreading further.

The woman was admitted to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in... read more

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps engaged to Nicole Johnson

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is engaged with his long time girlfriend Nicole Johnson, according to announcements made by the couple on Instagram and Twitter. Phelps posted an image of him with Johnson with caption “She said yes”.

The record setting Olympics swimmer shared the happiness... read more

Rice grain-sized maser a Major Step towards Quantum-Computing

Researchers at Princeton University have managed to develop a rice grain-sized maser (microwave laser) powered by single electrons shooting through "quantum dots" or artificial atoms. The amount of electricity it uses is only one billionth the amount of electricity used by a hair dryer.

... read more

Astronomers find Water Vapor in atmosphere of Neptune-sized Exoplanet

Astronomers have discovered water vapor and clear skies on HAT-P-11b, a Neptune-sized exoplanet. According to astronomers, it is the smallest known planet that has water in its atmosphere.

The discovery will help those astronomers who are trying to find whether or not smaller planets... read more

Search for Two Maryland Sisters missing since 1975 started again

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials started again the search for two Maryland sisters missing since 1975.

According to law enforcement officials, they are very close to finding out who is responsible for the vanishing of two young sisters from Maryland about 40 years ago.

On... read more

Trooper intervenes as a Man was All Set to Jump off a Bridge

A 24-year-old trooper Joshua Kim prevented a man from committing suicide after he was all set to jump off a bridge. Kim said that his high school football background helped him to deal with the man and make sure that they both stayed on the bridge and not flipped over the side.

The... read more

$190m to Be Paid By Johns Hopkins Hospital to 8,000 Gynecologist's Patients

A class-action lawsuit involving eight law firms on behalf of more than 8,000 patients against Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the world's most prestigious medical centers, has resulted in a $190 million settlement. This settlement is one of the largest on record in the U. S. involving sexual... read more

Old Vials of Smallpox Found, says CDC

Lately, employees at the National Institutes of Health have found some old vials of smallpox. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement on Tuesday that the vials are considered to be dating back to the 1950s.

Scientists found the vials while they were doing... read more

California man charged with soliciting minor girl

Anne Arundel County police on Monday slapped a young man with a charge of soliciting a minor to send him sexually explicit photos and videos.

Murray Lee Chesak of Ontario was arrested by Anne Arundel County Police Child Abuse Unit last Wednesday. The Child Abuse Unit arrested the man with... read more

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