Konami: Hideo Kojima is still an employee, and currently “on vacation”

Tokyo-based game development company Konami has rebuffed a recent story published in The New Yorker which said that Konami’s top developer, Hideo Kojima, has left the company.

Reporting Kojima’s exit from Konami in an early Tuesday story, reporter Simon Parkin had followed by the... read more

Google: More searches now exceed desktop searches, worldwide

During the course of a speech at the Recode Code Mobile event on Thursday, Google’s Amit Singhal – the company’s SVP of Search – said that Google is witnessing more search activity on mobile than on desktops, across the world.

The statement by Singhal is an apparent extension of an... read more

Three Scientists from Ireland, Japan and China Won Nobel Prize in Medicine

Three scientists from Japan, China and Ireland were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering therapies for the treatment of some of the most devastating parasitic diseases.

William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura were awarded the Nobel Prize for developing a new... read more

Sharp Not to Disclose Six Month Forecast

Electronics major Sharp Corporation has decided not to release forecast for the first half of the year and reduce its full-year profit estimations in view of the fall in share value reported recently.

Officials close to the management said that the company has reported a deficit of 10... read more

Sharp to begin limited sales of its 8K TV in October

Bigwig Japanese electronics firm Sharp has announced that it will commence limited sales of its 8K TV at the end of October.

Sharp’s forthcoming 8K TV is a gigantic 85-inch TV set which will be priced at a whopping $133,000. The most noteworthy feature of Sharp’s majestic and impressive... read more

Lexus to test a no-negotiation price program at some of its dealerships in 2016

In an announcement made this week, auto industry giant Lexus said that it has efforts underway to test a no-negotiation price program at some of its dealerships in 2016. The move will essentially underscore a no-haggling experiment by Lexus, in an attempt to appeal to millennials and Generation... read more

Scientists to conduct whisky test in space to understand effects of zero gravity on ageing

The Japanese experiment module known as "Kibo" is planning to test the world's best whisky samples in the International Space station (ISS). The vision of this experimentation is to analyze the zero gravity effects on the process of ageing and tendency to acquire mellowness.

The samples... read more

World’s Biggest Flower Blooms in Tokyo

Titan Arum said to be the largest flower in the world has bloomed in Tokyo's Jindai Botanical Garden for the first time in five years. Titan Arum is an herbaceous plant and is also known as Amorphophallus Titanium.

Titan is also to be the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. The... read more

Comcept to Launch ‘Red Ash’, A Rehash of ‘Mega Man Legends’

Japan-based video game developer Comcept Inc is all set to unveil ‘Red Ash’, the proposed successor to the game ‘Mega Man Legends’. Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man and its successor Mighty No 9, is attempting to make a ‘Red Ash’ anime movie too, to complement the new game.

The... read more

Casio to launch its own smartwatch in 2016

In a recent announcement, Japanese brand Casio has disclosed that it has efforts underway to launch its own smartwatch. The disclosure implies that Casio is apparently set to venture into the smartwatch market.

Revealing Casio's smartwatch-related plans, the company's president and chief... read more

Emotional humanoid robot sells out within a minute Saturday

Humanoid robot made by Japan-based mobile and telecommunications company SoftBank has finally been made available to consumers.

The adorable robot named Pepper that can feel emotion and look after its owner went on sale on Saturday morning. Customers snapped all 1,000 robots in the first... read more

Japan Plans To Resume Whale Hunts in Antarctic This Year

Even though the International Whaling Commission (IWC) said Tokyo has not proved that Whale killing had a research motive, Japan is planning to resume the whale hunts in the Antarctic later this year.

The IWC's Scientific Committee said in a report on Friday that it wasn't able to... read more


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