Researchers discover tiny ‘glow-in-the-dark’ shark

Marine wildlife researchers claimed to have discovered a previously unknown tiny ‘glow-in-the-dark’ shark in the deep ocean off the coast of Central America.

Etmopterus benchleyi, which researchers also called the Ninja Laternshark, was first found swimming nearly 1,000 feet below the... read more

12 Feet Long Rare Giant Squid Spotted on Japanese Harbor on Christmas Eve

People in Japan got a surprising Christmas present when a giant squid made rare up-close appearance in Toyama Bay. Also known as an Architeuthis squid, it swam beneath boats for a long time before heading back to sea.

People who were treated to the rate sighting of the creature captured... read more

Giant squid makes rare appearance off Japan

Fishermen and other spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were recently treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid, which is known to be one of least seen deep sea creatures in the world.

On Christmas Eve, a giant squid swam under fishing boats, very close to the surface of... read more

Sony plans to boost battery capacities by 40% by 2020

Japanese newspaper Nikkei has revealed in a recent report that Sony has efforts underway to bring about a 40 percent boost in battery performance; and commercially introduce the high-performance batteries within the next five years.

According to the report, Sony plans to replace the... read more

Japan launches Fourth Ship for Whaling in Antarctic

Japan’s recent whaling activities have shown the East Asian country is not going to stop killing whales. The country has already sailed ships for hunt, which could span until March next year. Earlier, the country sent its fourth whaler to join the fleet.

Many times, the International... read more

Japan plans to resume Antarctic Ocean whaling operations despite ban

Japan has is once again resuming its whaling operations in the Antarctic Ocean, despite a ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that banned such controversial operations in the area.

The Japanese government is reportedly planning to resume Antarctic whaling efforts in early... read more

Study reveals there are increased levels of radioactivity off North American coasts left by Fukushima disaster in March 2011

According to a study conducted by a marine radiochemist from the nonprofit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Ken Buesseler, as a result of March 2011’s Fukushima disaster, there are raised levels of radioactivity off North American coasts.

More than four years after the meltdown of... read more

Honda releases in-depth specifications for Clarity Fuel Cell

In a recent announcement, bigwig automaker Honda has revealed in-depth specifications for its Clarity Fuel Cell, which the automaker hopes to start manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. The cost of the Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan will be 7.6 million yen.

The Clarity Fuel Cell –... read more

‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’ to be launched only in Japan; not in West

In a significant decision related to the imminent release of ‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3,’ the game’s developer Team Ninja and publisher Koei Tecmo plan to launch the game only in Japan; with no intention, as of now, to launch the game in international markets.

‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’ game... read more

Huawei unveils fastest quick charging battery

At the Battery Symposium recently held in Japan, Chinese device maker Huawei unveiled a new lithium-ion battery, which the company claims is the fastest quick charging battery currently available in the industry.

The latest battery technology introduced by Huawei has been developed at... read more

Study suggests elephants are capable of reaching far-off food by blowing air with their long trunks

In a study published by Japanese scientists from Kyoto University and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) in the journal Animal Cognition, they have suggested that elephants can reach far-off food by blowing air using their long trunks.

Till this extent, the air blown... read more

Mazda unveils rotary engine-equipped RX-Vision concept

At the Tokyo Motor Show on Tuesday, Japanese automaker Mazda unveiled its new sports-car concept equipped with a rotary engine. The new concept is officially called the RX-Vision concept.

The unveiling of the RX-Vision concept by Mazda marks the return of the triangular-designed rotary... read more


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