Fungal disease kills hundreds of thousands of Ohia trees in Hawaii

A fungal disease called Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) have killed hundreds of thousands of Hawaii’s iconic and native Ohia trees, which flora experts say are vital to the water supplies.

The Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) has warned that ROD, which is caused by a fungus... read more

Supreme Court of Hawaii rescinds building permit for hotly contested Thirty Meter Telescope project

On Wednesday, in a quite expected ruling, the Supreme Court of Hawaii cancelled the construction permit for the fiercely contested Thirty Meter Telescope project. The court has ruled out in a 58-page written opinion that the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources has made a mistake in giving... read more

HDOH puts dengue fever confirmed case tally at 122

The Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) has disclosed the dengue fever confirmed case tally at 122, which is a rise of five cases since yesterday. The Southern Taiwan has reported all the deaths due to the mosquito-borne disease, including Tainan, has reported 112 deaths, followed by 70 in... read more

Experts think Aquarium Fishery should be in Hawaii’s Coral Reef Management Plan

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources announced a plan in November to deal with extensive bleaching of reefs in the US state. But most people think the coral reef management plan is not effective as an important aspect has been ignored. Most Hawaiians, more than 15 environmental... read more

ORS-4 mission on an experimental Super Strypi launch vehicle fails in mid-flight shortly after liftoff

A 67-foot military-funded rocket blasted off a rail launcher at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai at 5:45 pm on November 3 in Hawaii’s first satellite launch. It failed soon after takeoff.

In a live feed, the Super Strypi rocket, known as mission ORS-4, was displayed spiraling... read more

11 cases of dengue reported on Hawaii Island

Now, the total number of confirmed cases of dengue on Hawaii Island has reached to 11 after one more case was confirmed by the state Department of Health. As per the officials, the disease has been acquired locally.

Number of cases is on rise. Therefore, the state Department of Health... read more

Hawaii officials vote to restrict access to Mauna Kea

Hawaii officials on Friday voted to impose an emergency rule to restrict access to Mauna Kea after protesters blocked construction of a giant telescope on the holy mount.

The Board of Land & Natural Resources yesterday voted 5-2 on the 120-day rule, which prevents people from being... read more

Hawaii woman dies after shark attack

A Hawaii woman died after a shark attack off the coast of Maui Wednesday morning. The incident prompted officials to close beaches and a section of the ocean that involves a popular surfing spot.

According to the Maui Fire Department, the woman was pulled from the water by Snorkelers... read more

Cyber Attack disrupts Hawaiian Thirty Meter Telescope’s Official Website for two hours

The Hawaiian Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)'s official website experienced a cyber attack that downed it for two hours. The cyber attack was launched to protest against the construction on Mauna Kea.

A primitive DDoS attack on the TMT and Hawaiian government sites was launched by a group... read more

Cosmic tsunami can revive ‘dead’ galaxies: researchers say

Intense energy released by collisions between galactic clusters can revive 'dead' or 'sleeping' galaxies, though only temporarily, an international team of researchers said.

A galaxy is pronounced dead when it has expanded to its full capacity over a very lengthy period of time, and... read more

Rescuers Free Tangled 40-Ton Humpback Whale

Nobody has ever expected a 40-ton single catch in the fishing lines. But this is exactly what has happened off the coast of Hawaii recently.

The members of the West Hawaii Marine Mammal Response Network acted carefully and finally freed the adult humpback whale from the fishing lines.... read more

Checked--Scientists to Discuss about Volcanic Activity

Scientists will give four presentations in the Kilauea Visitor Center at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The first is going to take place on Tuesday evening.

The slow lava flow offers an opportunity to know more about lava and its source, as scientists are going to share their... read more


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