German bond yields rise

On Thursday, German bond yields rose as the United States projected a steeper rate rise in the coming years. This is because higher rates in the world's largest economy would reverberate across other markets despite the accommodating policies of other central banks.

The US Federal Reserve... read more

Modern Europeans’ DNA is Mixture of three populations: Study

In order to know more about the ancestral roots of modern Europeans, scientists analyzed the strands of DNA taken from ancient corpses. The findings showed that the first Homo sapiens arrived in Europe almost 45,000 years ago, and were later replaced by early farmers who brought agriculture to... read more

Audi obtains permit to test self-driving cars on California public roads

The American arm of German automaker Audi announced on Tuesday that California has allowed the company test self-driving cars on the state's public roads.

California is not the first state in the U. S. to issue a permit to an auto company for testing self-driving cars on public roads.... read more

Meet the First Aquatic Species of Dinosaurs, Bigger than T-Rex

Recently discovered fossils of a dinosaur provided strong evidence to researchers that T-Rex was not the biggest dinosaur on earth. The researchers have deduced after studying the fossilized skeleton of a Spinosaurus that it was the largest dinosaur ever walked on earth. Also, they found that... read more

Scientists observe 'lithium plating' phenomenon during Charging Process

Researchers at Technische Universität München (TUM) have successfully studied the inner functioning of a battery without causing any damage to it. This will allow them to solve the lithium plating mystery.

The study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition.... read more

Archerfish Hunt Prey by Throwing Water ‘Bullets’, says study

A new study carried out by researchers at University of Bayreuth, Germany has found that Archerfish, also known as spinner fish throws water powerfully on its prey while hunting.

Researchers have claimed that archerfish can fine-tune the “hydrodynamic properties” of the water streams to... read more

Bloomberg: Dish has expressed interest in T-Mobile acquisition deal with DT

According to a Bloomberg report, Dish Network Corp. is possibly looking to acquire wireless carrier T-Mobile from its Germany-based parent company Deutsche Telekom (DT).

As per the report, citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter, Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen recently met with... read more

Daimler to expand its production capacity at Vance, Alabama plant

In an announcement made on Friday, German automaker Daimler AG indicated its efforts to enhance its position in the US market, by expanding capacity at its Vance, Alabama plant.

With Daimler having manufactured a record number of 185,000 Mercedes-Benz SUVs at the Vance facility in 2013,... read more

Archerfish Shoot Water with Great Precision

Researchers have shared interesting findings about a fish that knows how to spit water and that too with complete accuracy. Archerfish is the one that shoots a stream of water. These jets of water are aimed at the prey.

Stefan Schuster of the University of Bayreuth in Germany was of the... read more

Daimler acquires two ride-sharing companies

In a move which will help bigwig automaker Daimler - the Germany-based company that owns the Mercedes-Benz and Smart car brands - pose a tough challenge to Uber and Lyft, the automaker has acquired two ride-sharing companies.

The two ride-sharing companies recently acquired by Daimler -... read more

Samsung to showcase its new Gear S smartwatch at Berlin event next week

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has recently revealed that it plans to showcase its new smartwatch - the 'Gear S' - at a forthcoming event scheduled to be held in Berlin next week.

The new Gear S smartwatch from Samsung will hit the markets across the world in October. The expected... read more

Decline in German Business Confidence for Fourth Month

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said euro-area economy has lost the strength and needs more stimulus. He said German business confidence saw a decline for the fourth consecutive month.

The IFO institute's business climate index came down to 106.3 in August from 108 in July.... read more


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