Researchers teaching Robots How to Fall like Humans

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are teaching robots how to fall without damaging their important parts. The researchers are taking classes so that delicate parts of sturdy robots can be protected.

Sehoon Ha, a PhD graduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and... read more

Massive amount of Plastic dumped in the oceans could lead to uncontrollable pollution

A new science paper has estimated the amount of plastic dumped in the oceans in range of 5-13 million tons per year. The discarded plastic bags, beverage bottles, food wrappers and plastic toys make their way to the ocean, leading to massive pollution.

The University of Georgia's Jenna... read more

Paleolithic people were opportunistic feeders: Study

A new survey conducted by anthropologists at Georgia State University has revealed about the eating patterns of Paleolithic people.

The diet is known as paleo diet for the Paleolithic Age. The age represents the expansive period of prehistory characterized by so-called cavemen and... read more

Baby Coral, Juvenile Fish can Smell Difference between Good and Bad Reefs: Study

Banning fishing in areas where coral reefs have decayed and seaweed has taken over is not enough. Active steps need to be taken, say researchers of a new study.

They have conducted an experiment in which baby corals and very young fish were able to differentiate between good and bad reefs... read more

Chile’s Earthquake leads to Icequakes in Antarctica

Studies reveal that a powerful earthquake of 8.8 magnitude that struck central Chile in 2010 was responsible for triggering icequakes in Antarctica. Icequakes are categorized as seismic tremblings caused by a sudden movement within a glacier or sheet.

A recording of signals was analyzed... read more

Kentucky-based Kindred CEO Paul Diaz

Home healthcare services provider Gentiva Health Services has rejected Kindred Healthcare offer of $16 per share for nearly 15 percent stake in the company. Gentiva has announced that the company received another offer at a higher valuation of $17.25 per share.

The company has not... read more

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