Final Fantasy XIII character ‘Lightning’ models for Louis Vuitton’s ‘Series 4’ collection

New ads for Louis Vuitton's ‘Series 4’ line feature Final Fantasy XIII's key character ‘Lightning;’ thereby indicating that the geek chic will be the face of French fashion icon's spring-summer 2016 campaign.

Lightning is one of the main characters from the Final Fantasy XIII game as well... read more

Gullies on Mars Were Dug By Great Chunks of Ice, Claim French Researchers

Researchers since long have been saying that the gullies on Mars have carved due to water, but now a team of French researchers claims that the gullies on the Red planet are a result of huge chunks of ice.

Findings of the study published in the journal Nature Geosciences admits that... read more

Climate Change Protests worldwide call for Bold Agreement at Paris summit

Leaders from around the world have arrived in Paris for historic United Nations climate talks. People worldwide want world leaders to take bold decisions to tackle climate change. From Melbourne to Mexico City, thousands of people joined the global climate march this weekend to press... read more

VW offices in France searched in connection with emissions scandal

According to a Sunday statement released by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the French police raided German automaker Volkswagen’s (VW) offices in France.

The raids at VW offices were carried out as part of an ongoing probe into VW’s cheating on diesel vehicle emissions tests. A... read more

German Company TUV Absolved of Liability in Breast Implant Scandal

Thursday’s decision by a French Appeals Court sure came as a breather for German safety standards body TUV, when the court absolved the latter of all liabilities pertaining to a faulty breast implant scandal.

This ruling by the court would require all women to pay back the damages that... read more

Germany and France hopeful of better climate change agreement’s Adoption

Germany and France are hopeful that the international community might adopt an ambitious and durable climate agreement by the end of this year. They have bet that the political will of delivering such an agreement is greater than ever before.

In Berlin, at the close of the 6th Petersberg... read more

France bans super-skinny models with new legislation

France has banned super-skinny models in a newly introduced legislation with provision for fine and jail term for modeling agents hiring ultra-thin fashion models. The new law passed on Friday follows the laws introduced by Spain, Israel and some other countries on runways and in advertising... read more

Groupe BPCE Customers could soon transfer Money via Tweets

Groupe BPCE, France's second-largest bank, is teaming up with social networking site Twitter, to allow its customers to transfer money via tweets. Groupe BPCE has more than 8,200 branches nationwide under their respective brand names, serving nearly 40 million customers.

Back in September... read more

Ancient Indonesian decorated caves as old as vaunted images found in Europe

A new study has found that the Ancient Indonesian decorated caves that have images of hands and primitive animals dating back to at least 40,000 years ago are as old as the famous prehistoric art in Europe.

This discovery indicated towards the fact that there was an even earlier dawn of... read more

Scientists discover Black Hole that Consumes Gas Faster than earlier estimates

Recently, scientists have discovered an uncommon black hole with a greedy appetite that is consuming gas from a nearby star at a speed 10 times faster than previously thought possible.

The new-found black hole named as P13 and lies on the outskirts of the galaxy NGC7793. Black holes are... read more

French Prime Minister Urges ECB to Lower Valuation of Euro

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has asked the European Central Bank to devalue the Euro in order to deal with the deflation risk in the European Union. ECB President Mario Draghi has given strong signals during the monetary policy announced in June.

The next course of action will be... read more

Genes played Important Role in Domestication of Rabbit

Various genes that control the growth of the brain and nervous system were important for the domestication of the rabbit, according to a recently published scientific paper.

Animals have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. The domestication of animals, like cattle, dogs,... read more


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