Cloning to give ancient ‘Lady Liberty’ new life

Following the demise of its larger, older and better-known sibling the Senator, an attempt is being made to give 2,000-year-old cypress tree “Lady Liberty” a new life through cloning.

The Senator at Big Tree Park in Seminole County burned down in January 2012. The demise of the Senator... read more

State Considers Stricter Rules over Reptile Ownership

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is planning to roll out stricter rules over the ownership of venomous reptiles. The agency might also consider imposing a complete ban over their ownership. People are given permits to own both ‘conditional reptiles’ and ‘venomous reptiles.’... read more

GM, Honda extend their Takata airbag recall to newest models

Two bigwig automakers – General Motors (GM) and Honda – have recently extended their Takata airbag recall to the newest models. The newly-issued recalls by the two automakers affect some of their 2015 and 2016 models.

The latest vehicle recalls issued by GM and Honda indicate that the... read more

Construction Jobs’ Growth in Florida reduced significantly in June

A lately released employment report has unveiled that growth of construction jobs in Florida has gone down significantly in June. It is quite strange as construction sector jobs in the state is considered to have proved beneficial in the economy for months.

This June, construction sector... read more

Florida may lengthen back-to-school sales tax holiday

Florida lawmakers, who are attempting to reach a final deal on a new budget, are expected to pass nearly $400 million of tax cuts, including a ten-day back-to-school sales tax holiday.

After remaining at odds for weeks over new spending plan, lawmakers are now apparently ready to... read more

US woman start journey to row solo across Pacific in her 23-foot long vessel

An Orlando athlete becomes the first woman to set for an up-to-six-month solo journey across the Pacific by rowboat Sunday.

Sonya Baumstein set out on 6,000-mile Pacific crossing by rowboat named the ‘Icha’, short for an Okinawan phrase meaning ‘once we meet we’re family’. It is a 23-... read more

Florida’s Paediatric Dentist Voluntarily Surrenders License to Practice in State

A Florida dentist has been accused of performing unneeded tooth extractions and surgical procedures without giving anesthesia.

Last month, around 15 protestors carried signs outside Howard Schneider's dental clinic on University Boulevard South in Jacksonville protesting his way of... read more

Florida witnesses Bizarre Incidents due to Synthetic Drug Flakka Use

Flakka, an increasingly popular synthetic designer drug, is to be blamed for some bizarre incidents that occurred in Florida in the last few months. To tell you a few, one man ran naked through a Florida neighborhood under the influence of flakka, and was trying to have sex with a tree. He also... read more

Daredevil Performer successfully walks across 400-foot Wheel in Orlando

A walk across the rim of the 400-foot Orlando Eye observation wheel was successfully completed by Daredevil performer Nik Wallenda Wednesday morning in Florida. The walk was started by the 36-year old shortly after 8am atop the city's newest attraction, The Orlando Eye, which will open for... read more

Laurence Bolotin

On Friday, a University of Florida fraternity ousted three of its members following allegations that they spat at a group of disabled military veterans at a Panama City resort. According to Zeta Beta Tau Executive Director Laurence Bolotin, the three members were expelled by the group after... read more

Driving instructor killed in Lamborghini crash at Walt Disney's Exotic Driving Experience

The Florida Highway Patrol has revealed that a Sunday crash involving a high-speed white Lamborghini resulted in the death of a driving instructor --- 36-year-old Gary Terry, of Davenport, Florida.

Terry was sitting in the passenger seat of the car which crashed into a guardrail at the... read more

Florida’s Metroplexes driving state’s Population Growth

Florida is jumping up in the list of most populous states and many cities in the state feature among the fastest-growing cities. Lately, The US Census Bureau has released a data as per which, The Villages, Florida, has been ranked as the nation's fastest growing metro in 2014.

Between... read more


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