Man's best friend came about more than 33,000 years ago

A latest research has suggested that man's best friend has come after generations of wolves scavenged alongside humans over 33,000 years back in south East Asia. According to the first study of dog genomes, dogs became self-domesticated with their slow evolution from wolves that came along... read more

New Study Sheds Light on Genetic History of Europeans

Scientists through a recently conducted study claim to have found new data that shed light on the genetic history of Europeans. The data collected in the study has also revealed what led to the spread of farming in Europe.

According to the study, the arrival of ancient people from the... read more

VW reveals that it understated fuel usage of 800,000 cars sold in Europe

In an announcement which deepens the crisis at bigwig German automaker Volkswagen (VW), the automaker revealed on Tuesday that fuel consumption of some of its vehicles sold in Europe had been understated.

According to the announcement, VW – which is already dealing with an emission-... read more

Rosetta provides first peek into comet 67P’s dark side

European Space Agencies' Rosetta spacecraft has been surveying an odd double-lobed comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko since August 2014 and is determined to collect data related to its surface and the environment.

For a long time, the spacecraft has failed in reaching the dark and cold... read more

Health regulators launch investigation into concerns over side-effects of cervical cancer jab

After coming across concerns over severe side-effects of the cervical cancer vaccine, health regulators have decided to launch an investigation into the safety of the vaccine. The human papilloma virus jab is offered to very girl at secondary school to stay prevented from the disease.

... read more

IAG to Complete Takeover of Aer Lingus following Approval of Ryanair and EU

IAG is all set to complete its 1.3 billion euro acquisition bid of Aer Lingus following reports of acceptance of the offer by Ryanair which holds a 30 percent stake in Aer Lingus along with the approval by the European Union competition after IAG improved concessions to ease competition worries... read more

Sentinel-2a Satellite Launched by Europe to Impart ‘Colour’ to Copernicus project

Monday saw the launch of the Sentinel-2a satellite by Europe, in a bid to provide a high-resolution optical imaging capability to its Copernicus Earth observation project. The satellite, which took off from French Guiana at 9.52pm EDT, would relay coloured images of the Earth.

The... read more

Developers use app updates as strategic tools for reviving user interest

According to the findings from a study carried out by a team of Italian academics, developers considers app updates to be a strategic tool which helps them perk up their apps to revive the interests of their users and trigger more app downloads.

The study conducted by the Italian... read more

Amgen Inc's new cholesterol drug Repatha has received recommendation for approval in the European market. It is considered to be a big win among for Amgen, as it will put the company ahead in a race with rival Sanofi SA.

Repatha or evolocumab is a new class of cholesterol-reducing drugs... read more

Late Wednesday, the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN said that it was able to achieve success in smashing protons at 13 trillion electronvolts. Scientists have set a new energy record before the world’s biggest particle collider restarts in June.

CERN said that the Large... read more

Thor’s Hammer Featured as Space Science Images on ESA’s Website

The European Space Agency chose nebula known as 'Thor's Hammer', also known as NGC 2359 for being featured as space science image on its website.

The bright color of the helmet is a field of intense X-ray emissions captured by the super-sensitive cameras aboard ESA's XMM-Newton space... read more

Greece informed to provide detailed debt plan urgently

Greece has been asked to provide a detailed debt plan urgently amid worries over the chances of default. The talks between leaders from Athens and European Union continued in Paris. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi informed that Greece has not... read more


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