Two Killed after Gyroplane Crashes into Colorado River

A two-seat helicopter crashed into the Colorado River Saturday evening, October 4, 2014, killing two people aboard. The county coroner’s office identified the dead as Rebecca Jane Molle, 50, from Grand Junction, Colorado, and Mark Shook, 61, from Peyton, Colorado. Shook died of multiple injuries... read more

Parents and Students against history class review

A suburban Denver school board's majority has voted in favor of change as to how the district reviews parts of its curriculum. Debates were taking places over academic freedom and what should be taught about American history.

For past two weeks, protests have been carried out by students... read more

Lunar Eclipse Expected on October 8

On October 8, there will be a total lunar eclipse, but people need to either stay up late or get up early to see the eclipse.

There are two areas of Earth's shadow that can expand out into space. The initial and the biggest is the penumbra, or the outer shadow cone. The other is the... read more

A Dozen horses found dead in Black Forest barn

On Friday, at least 12 horses were discovered dead in Black Forest barn near Colorado Springs.

According to Diana Ragula, who lives near the barn, she found dead horses under tarps. When the tarps were lifted, she found the entire skeleton of a horse left to rot.

Eight horses were... read more

Lawyers of Colorado Theater Shooting Defendant Appeal against TV Coverage during Trial

Defense lawyers of Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes requested the judge to stop television coverage inside the courtroom, saying it would violate Holmes' right to a fair trial. The lawyers said in a filing dated Thursday that the witnesses could be intimidated, jurors and... read more

Serious concerns raised about Concussions

A novel study unveiled that symptoms of concussions remain similar despite the fact where the impact has taken place in high school football players. Lead author of the study, Dawn Comstock from the Colorado School of Public Health and the University of Colorado at Denver, said that they were... read more

Astronauts regularly Use Sleeping Pills in Space

A new research has revealed that astronauts are deprived of recommended quantity of sleep during space missions. What makes it worse is the fact that most of the astronauts have to rely on sleeping pills, which is not a safe practice for tasks that require alert minds.

For example, the... read more

Heat and Ozone Interaction Damages Plants

A new study which involved a team of researchers at MIT revealed that interaction between increasing temperature and air pollution can damage the crops. The global production of four food crops-rice, wheat, corn and soya bean that are consumed by humans across the globe could be highly impacted... read more

University of Colorado Research team discovers Smallest Hedgehog Ever Found

Researchers have found the smallest hedgehog ever. Named the Silvacola acares, meaning 'tiny forest dweller', scientists said it is the size of a modern day shrew.

Jaelyn Eberle from the University of Colorado at Boulder said the fossilized remains of the hedgehog is just 2 inches long... read more


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