China’s Fosun Group Enters in Merger with Australian Oil Company

In a latest agreement, China's Fosun Group has merged with a small Australian oil company. It is the company's first venture into overseas oil and gas business.

Roc Oil on Monday said they agree to accept 474.4 million Australian dollars (US $ 441.9 million) as takeover bid from Fosun... read more

Shift Workers have Higher Chances of Developing type 2 Diabetes

Those who work in shifts have more chances of having type 2 diabetes, says a new study. The research was reported on July 24 in the journal, Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

People, who work in shifts have higher risk of cancer, digestive and cardiovascular disease. Diabetes can... read more

GM in China announces recall of 20,000 Cadillac and Camaro vehicles

Nearly 20,000 imported Cadillac SRX sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and Chevrolet Camaro vehicles have been recalled by General Motors Co. and its main Chinese partner.

The recall of 19,836 Cadillac and Camaro vehicles in China was announced by GM and its main Chinese partner on Friday.... read more

World’s Largest Flying Aquatic Insect Discovered in China’s Sichuan province

Earlier this month, local villagers in the outer reaches of Chengdu, China's Sichuan province, have returned a Dobsonfly. The insect having eight inches wing span and massive snake-like fangs is the world's largest flying aquatic insect.

Previously, the largest known aquatic insect was... read more

Discovered: The Largest Flying Dinosaur Changyuraptor Yangi

The largest flying dinosaur ever known to live, Changyurapto, has been found in China. The ancient bird used four wings which added stability and control to its flight pretty much like the modern aircraft.

The flying dinosaur was about four feet long and palaeontologists believe that it... read more

Boron Buckyball discovered; but why is it so important?

After 30 years of discovery of carbon buckyball, researchers have found cluster of boron atoms also forming something similar to a buckyball. A collection of atoms of carbon, in shape of a soccer ball, has been termed as buckyball by scientists. It is considered as an important discovery as... read more

China mandates that 30% of new cars bought for official use should be ‘new-energy vehicles’

According to a statement released recently on the website of China's central government, it is being made mandatory that `new-energy vehicles' should comprise at least 30 percent of the vehicles to be purchased by Central ministries and agencies by 2016.

`New-energy vehicles' is a term... read more

JPMorgan hires former UBS executive as China head

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has announced UBS AG's former China Chairman David Li as the next chief of its Chinese operations.

Marie Cheung, Hong Kong-based spokeswoman for JPMorgan, said Li would be responsible for the biggest U. S. lender's businesses and products in the world's most... read more

100,000-Year-Old Human Skull Displays Characteristics Long Thought to Occur only In Neanderthals

A research by Washington University in St. Louis has broken a preconceived notion of scientists. Researchers found the inner ear of a 100,000-year-old fossilized early human skull 35 years ago in northern China.

The inner ear had characteristics, which previously were considered to be... read more


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