Humans are extreme predators

According to reports, a group of Canadian scientists has said that humans are extremely unique predators; they are "superpredators" in a class other than other carnivores. The BC researchers said that hunting and fishing patterns in animals indicate that human hunting and fishing conservation... read more

Olympus AIR A01 mirrorless camera

On Tuesday, camera company Olympus Corp. announced that it will launch of a new mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens for the US and Canada markets this month.

The new camera to be launched by Olympus is called the Olympus AIR A01. The camera - which was announced for the Japanese... read more

Researchers to introduce biological agents to deal with emerald ash borer

Researchers are going to introduce a non-stinging wasp to continue biological warfare against the critter posing threat of putting waste to entire forest canopies. This measure will be taken in an attempt to halt the beetle in its bark tracks.

Scientists accept that little could be done... read more

Alberta Launches ‘Don't Let It Loose’ Campaign to Curb Giant Goldfish Menace

The innocent little creature swimming around in your aquariums is seldom viewed as a potential threat. However, the Alberta wildlife experts have raised an alarm after discovering several specimens of giant goldfish as big as 20 centimeters in different areas of the province.

Kate Wilson... read more

UrtheCast Unveils its First Ultra HD Videos from ISS

Did you ever think that a camera installed in Space could help you track the entire movement of your car or of a boat as it sailed down the Thames in London? With its first Ultra HD videos, the Canada-based company, UrtheCast, has made this possible.

On Wednesday, the company uploaded its... read more

Researchers Discover Lipid in Avocados That Can Destroy Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells

Researchers have recently discovered a lipid found in avocados that attacks acute myeloid leukemia stem cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Avocados have been always known for their delicious taste and are also a healthy form of fat. But now scientists claim that the fruit can be... read more

According to a recent report, the City of Ottawa, which is Canada’s southeastern capital, has been sterilizing goose eggs and employing a remote-controlled drone to contain the growing geese population and drive the animals away from the beaches, respectively.

Ottawa received the... read more

Paleontologists get New Insight into Ice-Age Camel Bones, found in Yukon

Paleontologists from Yukon have unfolded a spectacular secret that gives greater insight into the evolutionary history of the camel family. In the study published in the Journal of Molecular Biology and Evolution, scientists have delved deeper into the evolutionary history of the now-extinct,... read more

Artificial Sweeteners Persist in Water Bodies, finds Study

In a rather unsettling study, researchers from the University of Waterloo and Environment, Canada, have found significant deposits of artificial sweeteners in bodies of water around the world.

Did you ever think that the so- called sugar-free products that you consume, still taste sweet... read more

Lawyers recommend employees to seek early help for Mental illness at workplace

According to a recent study released by the Conference Board of Canada, over half of all employed Canadian women suffer from mental illness.

The highest prevalence of mental illness was found in people who work in sectors including the government, culture, food and accommodation.

... read more

Manitoba is all set to tighten regulations on E-cigarettes as the Healthy Living Minister is going to announce a bill in legislature on Monday to put a cap on the use of E-cigarettes in the province.

Deanne Crothers told the All News Drive that the bill proposes the much needed... read more

Loblaw Companies Ltd. Has announced to expand its recall of Presidents Choice hummus over fears of toxin presence. The recall will now cover more than a dozen varieties.

The company has urged consumers to not eat the recalled products as they may contain the toxin produced by... read more


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