Astronomers find clues in Fast Radio Burst Mystery

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have baffled scientists since they were first detected about 10 years ago. A new study has found first real clue on origin story on the energetic, seemingly random bursts. Nature published study has suggested that the mysterious pulses most likely come from an area of... read more

BlackBerry to shut down its operations in Pakistan on Dec 30, 2015

In a blog post published on Monday, Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry said that it will shutter its operation in Pakistan at the end of the year, in compliance with a shutdown order issued by the Pakistani government.

BlackBerry has been given a December 30, 2015 deadline by the... read more

Study: Teens could face depression risk later in life due to brain triggers from using social media

According to a latest Canadian study, some teenagers could be vulnerable to depression and mental illness later in life because of brain triggers from exposure to social media. Led by University of Montreal professor Sonia Lupien, the study was published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.... read more

Neonicotinoid Pesticides exposure in Bumblebees May Lead to Poor Pollination

A team of researchers, through a recently conducted study, found that bumblebees exposed to a common type of neonicotinoid pesticides perform their pollination job poorly.

Study researchers said they found that when apple trees were pollinated by bees exposed to those pesticides, the... read more

Movember is back and men can raise awareness about prostate cancer

October is observed as breast cancer awareness month. Similarly, November is observed as prostate cancer awareness month. In this month, also known as Movember, moustache is grown to help raise awareness on the issue affecting men.

Since 2003, Movember is being observed in Canada and $175... read more

BlackBerry opens pre-orders for ‘Priv’ Android-based smartphone

Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has revealed in a recent announcement that its much-reported Android-based handset – called ‘BlackBerry Priv’ - is now available for pre-order in the US, Canada, and the UK.

According to the announcement made by BlackBerry, the company’s new... read more

Patients Who Undergo Weight Loss Surgery Are At High Risk of Suicide: Study

A new study conducted by researchers from Canada has revealed that people who undergo weight-loss surgeries are at high risk of developing self-harm behaviors and suicide within the first three years after undergoing the procedure.

Researchers during the study looked at more than 8,800... read more

Elizabeth May wants science to be core of decision-making in nation’s government

Elizabeth May, leader of Green Party of Canada, welcomed former federal scientist Tony Turner to stage at a Vancouver campaign rally. Turner who has resigned this week sang his quite popular folksong ‘Harperman’.

Turner stepped down from his post after he was asked to be on leaves in the... read more

Wave Systems Signs 7-Year Deal with Google, NASA and USRA

A Burnaby, Canada-based quantum computing company, D-Wave Systems, Inc. revealed on Monday that it has recently signed a contract with NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) to supply its quantum computers.

The company will be supplying D-Wave’s quantum... read more

BlackBerry to acquire Good Technology

It has been reported by Canada's BlackBerry Ltd that it will acquire mobile software provider Good Technology Corp for $425 million. As per the company, the deal will increase its ability to assist corporate clients manage smartphones that run on different operating systems.

This deal... read more

Avid Life Media rebuffs reports predicting Ashley Madison’s imminent demise

In a recently released statement, Toronto-based Avid Life Media - the parent company of Ashley Madison infidelity website - said that a huge number of people are still joining the Ashley Madison site even after its widely- reported hack in July.

Revealing that hundreds of thousands of... read more

Major Avid Life Media investor continues to back embattled company

In a recent statement, major Ashley Madison investor Phillip DeZwirek said that he will continue to back the cheating website's embattled parent company ---Canada-based Avid Life Media. DeZwirek is the majority shareholder in Avid Life Media. DeZwirek, his son, and the family's investment... read more


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