Belgian court orders Facebook to stop tracking people who are not Facebook members

On Monday, an order by a Belgian court banned US-based social network Facebook from tracking Internet users who do not have Facebook accounts.

In its order, the court asked Facebook to stop -- within 48 hours -- the tracking of Internet users who are not signed on to the social networking... read more

Facebook in the Dock, Faces Privacy Lawsuit by Belgian DPA

In a move that is sure to unsettle Facebook, is the Belgian Data Protection Authority’s civil suit against its tracking of non-users via social plugins. The social networking giant landed in the dock after the watchdog accused it of a host of privacy violations.

The civil suit came after... read more

David Drummond: Google has made ‘Right to be forgotten’ removals only in Europe

At an event held in Brussels on Monday, Google's Chief Legal Officer David Drummond said that the Internet search giant is presently sticking only to the European Union (EU) when individuals invoke their 'right to be forgotten.'

Drummond's statement - that only those 'Right to be... read more

Better-Smelling Beer attracts Fruit Flies

A new research has found that the smell of beer not only attracts beer lovers, but fruit flies as well. The research team discovered that fruit flies and yeast, a type of fungus that is used in making beer and wine, have evolved a mutually beneficial relationship that hinges on yeast's smell... read more

What makes Glowing Sharks see Complex Light Patterns

Researchers have found how the eyes of mysterious glowing sharks are able to see complex light patterns in the gloomy waters. Numbers of light-sensitive retinal cells, known as rods, are higher in bioluminescent sharks than their non-glowing shark relatives.

Also, the glowing sharks... read more

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