Tropical Race 4 Virus Infects Cavendish Bananas in Asia and Australia

Researchers have found that a virus similar to that of Panama Disease virus has attacked the Cavendish bananas in Asia and Australia. Panama Disease has been blamed for wiping out Gros Michel banana species.

The virus that has hit banana plantations in Asia and Australia is the Tropical... read more

Neuroscientists discover early signs of Alzheimer's Disease at synaptic level

At an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from the University of New South Wales have found important information about how the connections between brain cells suffer. The research team led by Dr Vladimir Sytnyk, of the UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences has found... read more

North Stradbroke Island’s beach section collapse believed to have been caused by slide triggered by erosion

A region of a football-field-sized beach has suddenly broken off because of a ‘flow slide’ at a famous tourist island in Australia. As a result, warnings have been given to avoid the area.

The beach section’s collapse on North Stradbroke Island in the state of Queensland is likely the... read more

Ants Can Form Bio-Bridge, say Researchers

A team of researchers in Australia recently filmed ants while the tiny creatures were busy constructing bridge to fill gaps and create shortcuts in the floor of the tropical forest of Central America.

The findings of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy... read more

Scientists find saltwater crocodiles are involved in ‘unilateral eye closure’

Australian scientists said on Friday that saltwater crocodiles can rest with their one eye open to watch for prey or threat. According to a research, it was revealed that mammal's half brain could be conscious even if it is asleep.

Saltwater crocodiles are widely found in northern... read more

Brisbane Astrobiologist Abigail Allwood believes Australia can be more Involved in Space Race

Abigail Allwood, Brisbane astrobiologist, who will be leading the coming NASA's Mars 2020 rover mission, has a regret that she has not headed the task to find out evidence of extraterrestrial life from her own nation. She feels bad that Australia has not much involvement in space exploration.... read more

Australian Town Gets Drenched in Spider Showers!

‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet’

But the rain showers that this Australian rural town, Goulburn experienced were noticed by all and endured by everyone.

The residents of Goulburn woke up an early April morning, witnessing their nightmare come alive with millions of... read more

Nicotinamide May Lower Risk of Most Common Types of Skin Cancer

A University of Sydney-published research unveiled that nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, can help bring a decline in risk of the most common types of skin cancer in people who are more vulnerable to acquire the disease.

As per the research, the vitamin reduced the incidents of new, non... read more

Astronomers discover exoplanet orbiting small star 500 light-years away

A team of Australian astronomers has discovered an exoplanet that is orbiting a small star as many as five hundred light-years away.

The far away planet in question, dubbed HATS-6b, is revolving around HATS-6 star, which is nearly 50 per cent of our Sun in both mass and diameter. It is,... read more

Chinese berries may not have any link to Hepatitis A outbreak: Patties Foods

The importer of Chinese berries, Patties Foods issued a statement that there is still no ‘verified’ link between the hepatitis A outbreak and the frozen berries. Patties Foods sells frozen berries under brand name Nanna’s across Australia.

Health authorities have confirmed 18 cases of... read more

Australian Food Company recalls Raspberry Products

Patties Foods, an Australian food company, has recalled frozen berries as these are being linked to nine cases of Hepatitis A. According to the company, it is recalling 1 kg packs of Nanna's Raspberries, together with other three mixed berry products which have been recalled earlier.

As... read more

Rare Frilled Shark caught off Australia's coast

A fishing trawler caught a rare frilled shark off Australia's coast last month. The species dates back 80 million years. The shark is a 300-toothed frilled shark and has a face fitting of a sea monster.

“The head on it was like something out of a horror movie. It was quite horrific... read more


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