Satya Nadella

Microsoft partners with to launch Minecraft-themed computer coding tutorial

In a Monday announcement, software giant Microsoft said that it has launched a new Minecraft-themed computer coding tutorial in partnership with Seattle-based computer science education nonprofit

The new computer coding tutorial launched by Microsoft and will enable... read more

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

In a recent interview with The Verge, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the most noteworthy ‘killer’ feature of the company’s latest Lumia handsets --- the ‘Continuum’ feature.

‘Continuum’ is a new feature introduced by Microsoft for its newest Windows 10 handsets --- Lumia 950 and... read more

Microsoft CEO: HoloLens AR headset is a“five-year journey”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at Salesforce’s Dreamforce customer conference on Thursday that Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented-reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) is “really a five-year journey.”

The statement made by Nadella at the conference comes in reference to the fact that... read more

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

During the course of Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference held in San Francisco on Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that an amount of $75 million is being invested by Microsoft in an effort to make Computer Science more mainstream in schools.

The mentioned investment... read more

Satya Nadella outlines Microsoft’s agenda in internal memo to employees

On Thursday, Geekwire outed an internal memo sent by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to the company's employees. In the memo, which has not been made public, Nadella has told Microsoft employees that the company plans to invest in "three interconnected and bold ambitions."

The three "bold... read more

‘Microsoft Ignite’ enterprise-focused event to be held in Chicago next week

With Microsoft's three-day Build 2015 developers' conference in San Francisco having come to an end, the company's focus has now shifted to its forthcoming event - 'Microsoft Ignite' -- scheduled to be held next week.

The Microsoft Ignite is an enterprise-centric event which will be... read more

$84 million Pay Package approved for CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday

A massive $84 million pay package for CEO Satya Nadella has been approved by Microsoft shareholders in spite of a powerful shareholder advisory group advising the company's stock owners to vote down the proposal. Powerful shareholders called this proposal excessive and this approval has put... read more

Satya Nadella Takes Serious Steps to Change Microsoft

Satya Nadella has taken some serious steps to make changes at Microsoft. The company has announced the biggest layoff in its history. The market experts have appreciated the moves planned by the new leadership at Microsoft and the stock has gone up by 21% after Nadella took over the command.... read more

Bloomberg: Microsoft likely to announce job cuts this week

A new Bloomberg report has revealed that Microsoft seemingly has plans underway to announce a round of job cuts this week. The job cuts likely to be announced by Microsoft will probably mark the company's biggest layoff round in five years.

With Microsoft having slashed 5,800 jobs back in... read more

Microsoft CEO encourages employees to ‘reinvent productivity’

In a lengthy memo sent out to the Microsoft employees, CEO Satya Nadella gave out a clear message that he wants the company's staff to 'reinvent productivity.' Nadella also said in the memo that he is looking at evolving Microsoft's culture; with 'obsession' about the company's customers to be... read more

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