Jerry Brown

Calif. officially repeals marriage law that led to Proposition 8

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill into law that officially repealed the state's marriage law which had paved way for the controversial Proposition 8.

In 2008, California voters approved Proposition 8, a law that defined marriage between same-sex couples as illegal by... read more

California counties struggling to help homeless parolees rehabilitate

Homelessness continues to undermine California probation officers' ability to help ex-criminals rehabilitate, receive required medical treatment and find jobs.

County probation officers say that nearly one in every five (20 per cent) of the parolees they supervise under the state governor... read more

California struggling to get rid of seized fireworks

California is helplessly stockpiling thousands of pounds of banned pyrotechnic products being seized by police because there is no funding for a perfect disposal of the products.

Last month, police in Orange County took a person into arrest for trying to sell 500 pounds of fireworks. They... read more

Lawmakers & other Elected Officials Get 2% Salary Raise

Pointing to an improvement in California’s fiscal condition, a panel that sets salaries for elected officials on Friday approved a pay rise for the state’s lawmakers.

The California Citizens Compensation Commission yesterday voted 4-1 to enact a pay rise of 2 per cent for Governor Jerry... read more

Local firms receive $29 million in tax credits

California lost hundreds of jobs to Texas over the past few months. The state awarded nearly $29 million in income tax incentives/credits for companies that have agreed to expand their operations and retain jobs within the state. The official announcement was made on Thursday.

The income... read more

Lawmakers may vote on $11 billion water bond this week

California lawmakers are expected vote on so-called water bond plan as early as this week as the state's Democratic-controlled legislature has until June 26 to substitute its own plan for the Schwarzenegger plan, though the cut-off date can be extended.

The proposed water bond plan would... read more

New budget to pump more money into social programs

California's newly approved $156.4-billion budget for the fiscal starting July 1 will pump more money into the state's social services system, including education.

The budget will provide more money for expanding preschools for children of low-income families, for public universities as... read more

California to add 11,500 preschool slots forlow-income families’ kidsby June 2015

Thousands of additional transitional kindergarten and childcare slots will be added in California's budget for young children, according to a reported deal between the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers.

As per the deal taking shape at the Capitol, $264 million... read more

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kashkari faces tough task ahead

GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari, who will face California's incumbent Governor Jerry Brown in the November general election, has admitted that the race for the governor is tough but he will run because he wants to rebuild the state's middle class.

Kashkari won the right to... read more

Incumbents holding strong across California

The initial results for some vote-by-mail ballots for the first statewide election to test California's top-two primary system have revealed that incumbents are holding strong throughout the state.

On Tuesday, voters cast votes for state offices ranging from governor to insurance... read more

None of two Republican candidates suitable against Governor Brown

None of two Republican candidates, Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly, stands much of a chance to win against California's incumbent Governor Jerry Brown, who is running for a fourth consecutive term.

Prior to his ongoing third term, Mr. Brown served the state as governor twice in the 1970s... read more

Jerry Brown will easily surpass top two Republican challengers: survey

Jerry Brown, California's incumbent governor, will easily take a lead over his top two Republican challengers in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary, a fresh poll has suggested.

According to the poll released on Sunday, 50 per cent of likely voters will cast ballots for the Mr. Brown in the... read more


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