Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown announces New Rules for Water Conservation

A new legislation would penalize those in California who waste water. The legislation was announced by California Gov. Jerry Brown, saying up to $10,000 a day penalties are meant for those who flout the new law. The new law allows local authorities to enforce conservation requirements.

... read more

Governor Brown defends the water use for agriculture sector

California Governor Jerry Brown has defended the use of water for agriculture sector amid restrictions imposed on usage of water on all other purposes across the state. A recent order has made it mandatory for the state utilities to reduce the water consumption by 25 percent this year due to... read more

Governor Brown issues statewide mandatory water restrictions

California Governor Jerry Brown has issued statewide mandatory water restrictions, ordering the cities to reduce their water consumption by 25 percent due to multiyear drought. The cities and communities have been urged to cut the water use while the farmers will be exempt from the current order... read more

Governor Brown issues 105 pardons on Christmas Eve, retracts 1

California: Governor Jerry Brown issued 105 pardons, mostly for nonviolent drug offenses, on the eve of Christmas. Most of the people who have been pardoned by the governor have been convicted of nonviolent drug crimes or burglary more than a decade ago.

One of the pardons is a Stanislaus... read more

California Announces New Rules to Ensure Safety of Nurses Taking Care of Ebola Patients

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration or Cal-OSHA, announced a new regulation on Friday, which included requiring acute-care hospitals to provide hazardous material suits, respirators and isolation rooms to handle patients who either have or are suspected of having Ebola... read more

California allows community colleges to offer 4-year degrees

More than a dozen community colleges in California will now be able to offer baccalaureate or 4-year degrees in certain fields where skilled workers are specially needed, thanks to a new measure signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The new law, a pilot program approved recently by Mr.... read more

California allows family members to seek seizure of firearms

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill into law that allows people to ask a court to seize firearms from member/s of their families who they believe pose a risk to themselves or the public.

Under the new law, law enforcement officials, family members and some others can seek... read more

California outlaws ‘trans/gay panic’ homicide defense

Defendants will no longer be able to use "trans panic" and "gay panic" defenses in California courts to strengthen their cases as Gov. Jerry Brown has outlawed the rule.

The so-called "gay panic" defense rule had been increasingly used to trim homicide charges down to manslaughter. Many... read more

VSP Global shocked at Governor Brown’s vetoing of AB1877

California-based vision insurer VSP Global has expressed surprise and shock at Gov. Jerry Brown's vetoing of Assembly Bill 1877 (AB1877), arguing that it was essential for providing health coverage to millions of uninsured Californians.

Mr. Brown vetoed AB1877 on Thursday. Authored by... read more

California adopts landmark condom law to protect sex workers

California recently adopted a landmark condom law that aims to protect sex workers without fanfare or much media attention.

The condom legislation, which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on 19th of September, requires a court to state explicitly that the presence of condoms is... read more

Governor Jerry Brown signs California oil train bill into law

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that will enable state emergency responders to receive more information about trains carrying potentially hazardous cargo.

Assembly Bill 380 (AB380) requires rail companies to inform Office of Emergency Services about shipments of crude oil... read more

California plans to spend $200 million of drought relief package

California will spend almost a third of the $687 million emergency drought relief package that lawmakers approved earlier this year.

According to the draft plan released recently by the California Department of Water Resources, more than $200 million in expedited bond funding would be... read more


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