Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown Pledges His Support for Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown is favoring the goals of US President Barack Obama and it seems that he has found a sweet spot in climate-change communication. Some top masterminds of brown are farming two irreconcilable rhetorical strategies: a fateful doom and gloom, and sunny, pragmatic... read more

California’s Governor signs law that turns state into one with strictest restrictions on use of antibiotics in meat production

Jerry Brown, California’s Governor has signed a law that makes the state with strictest restrictions on the use of antibiotics in production of meat in the US. The usage of antibiotics as a growth promoting drugs has been halted now. The use of antibiotics will only be allowed under certain... read more

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Tree Bills Aiming to Regulate Pot Industry in California

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed three bills aiming at developing guidelines for licensing, producing and testing marijuana within the burgeoning industry. About 20 years back, using pot for medical purposes was legalized in the nation by the state, but was missing signatures from Mr. Jerry Brown.... read more

Medical Marijuana Regulations win Governor Jerry Brown’s signature

Gov. Jerry Brown’s office said on Friday that a trio of bills,focused at bringing order and oversight to California’s medical marijuana industry approximately 20 years after the state led the nation in legalizing pot for medical use,have won Brown’s signature.

The first licensing and... read more

California Governor Jerry Brown signs End of Life Option Act

Brittany Maynard’s husband Dan Diaz has fulfilled his promise given to his wife. Maynard diagnosed with brain cancer had to move to states in search of easier death. During her last days, she asked her husband do something by which no other terminally ill Californian has to move places in search... read more

Governor signs conservation bill that prohibits sales of Elephant ivory in California

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, has recently signed conservation bill that prohibits nearly all the sales of elephant ivory. Wildlife and conservation groups are happy about the decision, while Chinatown shopkeepers in San Francisco and Los Angeles are unhappy about it, as it will lead to... read more

Eleven films chosen for California’s tax incentives

The California Film Commission (CFC) announced on Tuesday that a total of 11 movies, including seven studio pictures, have been chosen for the $330 million annual tax incentives program that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last year to attract movie production back into the state.

Dax... read more

Gov. Brown signs measure designed to strike out “alien” from Calif.’s labor code

One of the three immigration-related measures signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday will effectively remove the word "alien" from the labor code of California.

Gov. Brown said he didn't want the state to use the word "alien" as it is seen as a derogatory and disparaging term for those... read more

California Gov. Brown allows parole for transgender inmate

A transgender inmate, who is attempting to force California to pay for sex reassignment surgery, will likely be released soon on parole as Gov. Jerry Brown took no action on the Board of Parole Hearings' recommendation.

On Friday, the governor's office announced that Mr. Brown took no... read more

Gov. Brown calls for zero-emissions plan for freight industry

Pushing ahead with his goal to slow down climate change by decreasing carbon emissions, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday called on state leaders to develop a zero-emissions plan for the state's freight industry.

Mr. Brown asked for a plan that could help the freight industry to make... read more

California obligated to pay $331 million it took from Homeowners fund

A state court judge in Sacramento ruled that California must return $331 million it took from Homeowners fund. The money was taken to help struggling borrowers, but was instead used to patch up the state’s budget.

The fund contained California’s share of a $5 billion nationwide settlement... read more

Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders reach agreement on Budget Deal

With the new agreement made on Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders, California will become the first state to offer Medicaid to children in the nation illegally. Under the agreement, a slight increase will be done in funding for child care and higher education.

At a news... read more


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