Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin launches Experimental Suborbital Spaceship from Texas

Launch of an experimental suborbital spaceship from Texas was successful for Blue Origin, a startup space company owned by chief Jeff Bezos. The company said in a statement that the launch marked the first in a series of test flights to develop commercial unmanned and passenger... read more

Amazon updates Digital Distribution Platform Whispercast

An update for Whispercast was all set to come from Amazon today. Amazon’s self-service platform helps schools and other organizations to provide digital content including books, textbooks and apps to Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle apps on other platforms

The release of... read more

Amazon’s Cloud Computing Numbers Surprise Technology Experts and Market Analysts

Online retailer Amazon shared the revenue and profit numbers for its cloud service for the first time and the numbers have caught market analysts by surprise. The Amazon Web Services division has registered revenue of more than $6 billion and profit over $1 billion. The cloud computing market is... read more

Amazon agrees to acquire Twitch for $970 million

In a Monday announcement, the largest online retailer Amazon revealed that it has agreed to acquire video-game hosting service Twitch, in a $970 million deal. The announcement is noteworthy because Amazon's acquisition of Twitch underscores Amazon's growing ambitions in the entertainment arena... read more

Amazon Seeks FAA Permission for Deliveries via Drones

Online retailer Amazon has asked Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to expand the test for drones the company plans to use for delivery of products in near future. The drone delivery system is still is research and testing phase.

Amazon has asked for permission to test... read more

Amazon’s new Fire Phone vs. Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 handset

Online retail giant Amazon has recently announced its foray into the smartphone arena with the unveiling of its Fire Phone, which the company hopes will challenge the flagship handsets of other smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung's latest flagship handset - Galaxy S5 - which is currently... read more

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