Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Uses Traditional Economic Models to Increase Interest Rate

On one hand Janet Yellen is guiding the Federal Reserve to increase the interest rates using traditional economic models, while on the other hand, some economists are worried as it might results in a failure.

The 69-year-old economist argued on the point that the time is very near when... read more

Janet Yellen says equity valuations high, warns of 'potential dangers'

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that high equity valuations could pose potential dangers but that stability risks across the US financial system is in check.

Yellen said that she would highlight that generally the equity market valuations at this point are quite high... read more

Federal Reserve: No evidence of deliberate leaks from 2012 meeting

Federal Reserve has concluded after an investigation that the market-sensitive information that leaked about policy meeting in September 2012 was not deliberate. The leak happened during the tenure of Federal Reserve ex-chairman Ben Bernanke. The probe started in October 2012 and was completed... read more

Traders cautious as Federal Reserve meets next week

Traders and market experts are expecting increased volatility as the Federal Reserve meeting approaches. The Fed decision could have some impact of the Wholesale inflation data that came in Friday, suggesting decline in the PPI for fourth straight month.

During the Federal Reserve policy... read more

Uncertainty over Federal Reserve’s Plans to Increase Interest Rate no Longer Impacting US Economic Recovery

National Association of Business Economists has released a survey of economists with majority expecting a Federal Reserve interest rate hike in second half of the current year. A number of questions were asked in a poll conducted by the National Association of Business Economists. In the survey... read more

Economists expect Federal Reserve to hike interest rates in second half

In a recent survey of 293 economists, 71 percent has said that they expect the Federal Reserve to increase the interest rates in the second half of current year. Economists also expressed confidence in the economic recovery across various sectors in the United States and said that the... read more

2.8 Million Americans Quit Jobs in September

One of Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen's statistics for assessing the heath of the economy was updated on Thursday. Yellen and other members of the Federal Open Market Committee estimated about job market by using the bureau of Labor Statistic's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary... read more

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