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Obama orders the sinful 'Death by Chocolate' cake for Halloween

On the eve of Halloween, US President Barack Obama ordered a sinister "Death by Chocolate" cake from Gregg's Restaurant and Pub in Providence, Rhode Island.

ABC News reported that the President met the restaurant's owner, Bob Bacon, and after that he headed straight to the sweets corner.... read more

Obama Announces Plan to Tighten Debit Card Security

On Friday, President Barack Obama revealed a government plan to tighten security for the debit cards that transmit federal benefits such as Social Security to millions of Americans.

Cards issued by the federal government now will contain an internal chip replacing magnetic strips to... read more

Federal Officials Still Unclear on San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

Earlier, President of the United States Barack Obama visited Southern California and used his authority to establish the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, but federal officials still don't know where the national monument is.

According to President's announcement, about 346,177... read more

Bobby Jindal urges Barack Obama to restrict Air Travel from Ebola-Stricken Countries

President Barack Obama has been urged by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to impose restriction on air travel from Ebola-stricken countries to prevent the spread of the virus. Jindal said that the president must take this step as it's the federal government that has the authority over airports... read more

Supervisors Mishandled 2011 White House shooting incident: Official

On Sunday, a top White House official claimed supervisors mishandled a 2011 shooting incident at the White House.

Tony Blinken, President Barack Obama's deputy national security adviser, said, "The men and women of the Secret Service put their lives on the line for the President of the... read more

US to create World’s largest Marine Sanctuary

US President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that the US will create largest marine sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean, which will protect marine mammals from climate change.

According to a statement given by the White House, the President's proclamation has designated the marine reserve... read more

President Obama’s ‘Latte’ Salute Invites Criticism

President Barack Obama's so-called "latte' salute on Twitter has made it to international news and the social media. The President is receiving criticism after saluting marine officials holding a Starbucks coffee cup in his hand just after landing in New York.

The President landed on... read more

Obama Launches ‘Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture’

Climate change is showing its impacts in the US in the worst possible way, be it the record droughts in Kansas and California or the recent series of deadly wildfires. These conditions have a strong negative impact across the developing world as well.

The cost of cultivation is on the... read more

Obama Calls World Leaders to curb Global Warming

On Tuesday, at the United Nations event, US President Barack Obama talked about climate change and asked other United Nation members to support efforts against rising heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Obama has called all members to sign an agreement to control global warming.

In his UN... read more

Three New York golf clubs Reject Obama’s Request for visit during Labour Day weekend

Three exclusive Upstate New York golf clubs turned down President Obama's requested tee-off time to get a game of golf over the US bank holiday weekend. The President was visiting the area that weekend to attend an aide's wedding at Blue Hill, Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills.

The local... read more

President Obama Visits Stonehenge, Britain’s Prehistoric Monument

President Barack Obama visited Stonehenge, Britain's prehistoric monument, after taking a break from a NATO summit on Friday.

Officials reported that presidential helicopter, Marine One stopped at Boscombe Down Airbase, Wiltshire and from their president Obama was taken to the ancient... read more

Presidential Threat Suspect in Secret Service Custody

Connecticut Police has informed that a person has been taken in custody on suspicion of threat to President Barack Obama. The secret service has taken the suspect into custody after the car involved in the incident was location on Mix Avenue in Hamden, Connecticut.

Hamden Police Lt. Kevin... read more


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