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Planetary Resources Welcomes US Space Act with Open Arms

Planetary Resources applauded US President BarackObama for signing US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act, or the US Space Act. The company is very happy with passing of this legislation because it will be the one that will be benefitted the most.

Founded in 2010, Planetary... read more

Republicans in Congress Attack Obama’s Climate-Change Agenda

It is known that a global climate summit is scheduled to take place in Paris where several countries of the world will sign agreement to combat global warming and climate change. But republicans in Congress are trying to weaken Obama’s position ahead of the summit.

Republicans are majorly... read more

NASA calls for new generation of astronauts

NASA is all set to recruit new astronauts next month. The selected candidates will go through tests that will check their abilities and reveal their level of endurance. With time, space exploration and its related missions have become complex, challenging and much more diverse.

Now there... read more

US Solar Market Moving On Good Pace

Reports have shown that the US solar market is on fire. Installation of solar panels is expected to soar by one-third this year. The price of solar power is now cheap enough and can efficiently compete with gas and coal-fired power in places like California.

President Obama has also... read more

“Clean Power Plan” proposed by President Obama

The new "Clear Power Plan" as proposed by President Obama on Monday received much appreciation and support as its main goal is to help mitigate the worsening conditions of the changing weather. The members Evangelical Environment Network sent an open letter and encouraged the efforts of the... read more

President Obama eases Certain Requirements for CIA Drone Programme in Pakistan

US President Barack Obama has eased certain rules for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) drone programme in Pakistan. These rules were meant to reduce the risk of civilian deaths.

The CIA has to reveal that proposed targets can cause threat to the US for drone strikes in nations like... read more

Wind energy could meet 35% of US electricity demand

According to the Obama administration, the US could meet 35% of its electricity demand from wind power by 2050. The data has been revealed in a report released on Thursday. The amount of wind power is already increasing in the US; it is accountable for 30% of recently installed electricity-... read more

US Senate Passes Keystone XL project

After weeks of debate and discussion, a bill to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been passed in the US Senate. Now, the bill would be sent to President Barack Obama for a likely veto.

Earlier, the White House announced that Mr. Obama will veto the bill. The 875-mile... read more

US President to Announce Plans to Curb Methane Gas Emissions from Oil and Gas Industry

It has been found that President Obama most likely this week will be announcing a plan to reduce the methane gas emissions from oil and gas industry.

Methane, which is a major component for natural gas, accounts for almost 9% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. It... read more

President Obama intends to give people more control over their data

On Monday, President Obama shared at the Federal Trade Commission that the administration has designed four proposals to address growing concerns among Americans that they no more have control over their personal information.

Among the new set of four broad digital-age consumer... read more

Republicans criticize President Obama’s slow response to Sony hack

In response to President Barack Obama's interview with the CNN on Friday, leading Washington Republicans has criticized Obama's handling of the cyberattacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment which were evidently launched by the North Korean regime.

With Obama having said during the interview... read more

President Obama calls for strict open-Internet rules

In a statement released by the White House on Monday, President Barack Obama gave Net Neutrality a push, by urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to claim authority over Web service in a manner similar to the regulation of telecom companies.

Calling for strict open-Internet... read more


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