Six climbers reportedly died after falling from Mount Rainier

Six climbers, including two Californians, reportedly died after falling from one of the most technically and physically difficult routes on Mount Rainier of Washington.

The last time anyone conversed with the climbers, including two guides from Seattle-based Alpine Ascents International, was at around 6 p. m. on last Wednesday. The conversation was made via satellite phone, as the climbers were ascending Liberty Ridge at an altitude of around 12,800 feet.

Lead guide Matt Hegeman led several climbs throughout northern California and did extensive rock climbing throughout the state. His Seattle-based company said, "Matt, intense, philosophical and driven by the right way to do things, left an indelible mark on all around him. His pursuit for excellence was matched by his sense of camaraderie and humor."

Eitan Green, the second of the two guides, started his career as a mountain guide after earning a degree in anthropology from Maine's Colby College. According to his company, he was quick, exuberant, and had contagious nature of guides who adore their work and time in the mountains.

While authorities refused to disclose the identities of climbers other than the guides, the victims' family members and colleagues posted details about them on the internet.

The other four climbers were John Mullally, Mark Mahaney, Uday Marty and Erik Britton Kolb. Mullally, who first climbed Mount Rainier in his early 20s, is survived by his parents, two sisters and two daughters, and wife Holly Mullally.

Mahaney, 26-year-old quality-assurance analyst for a high-tech firm, is said to be the youngest of the six victims. Marty was a Singapore-based vice president and MD of Intel Corp. in Southeast Asia; while 34-year-old Kolb was serving American Express as a finance manager in New York.

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