Russia is trying to taunt US: says Rep. Mike Conaway

Russia is trying to taunt US: says Rep. Mike Conaway

Russia is trying to taunt the United States with acts like sending its nuclear-capable bombers too close to its borders, House Armed Services Committee member Representative Mike Conaway (R-Texas) said.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) recently confirmed that four Russian bombers were conducting bombing runs near Alaska earlier this week, of which two Tu-95 Bear H planes veered from Alaska to within 50 miles of the Californian coast. U. S. radars detected the four bombers when they were flying near the far western Aleutian Islands at 4:30 p. m. Pacific time on Monday this week.

It triggered an alarm among U. S. air defense systems, and prompted many lawmakers to criticize Russia for the act. Rep. Mike Conaway called the act "intentional provocations" by Russia.

Condemning the Russian action, Conaway said, "Putin is doing this to taunt the U. S. and exercise some sort of saber-rattling, muscle-flexing nonsense. Truth is we would have squashed either one of those (bombers) like baby seals. It's a provocation and it's unnecessary."

The Republican representative also cautioned that Russia could carry out more of those sorts of incursions in the coming months.

The Tu-95 bomber is a long-range nuclear-capable war plane that boasts electronic warfare gear and intelligence-gathering sensors. It can cover a distance of around 9,400 miles without refueling.

The Russian action is believed to be related to Moscow's military meddling in Ukraine, and in reaction to U. S. missile defense programs in Europe.

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