Committee Criticizes For-Profit Colleges’ Marketing Tactics to Attract Veterans

Committee Criticizes For-Profit Colleges’ Marketing Tactics to Attract Veterans

A committee headed by Senator Tom Harkin has come up with a report in which it has condemned the marketing actions of for-profit colleges. These colleges, as per the report, are using such marketing tactics that try to get the attention of veterans and the money they bring along in GI Bill funds.

The report by the commission headed by Sen. Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) found that eight of the 10 largest recipients of money from the bill were for-profit colleges. Government spends almost twice to send a veteran to a for-profit college when compared to public colleges and universities.

Since 2009, a decline has been seen in the total number of students in for-profit colleges. On the other hand, percentage of veterans has increased to 697,500 from 330,000, finds the report.

The report has also criticized the amount of money for-profit colleges spend on marketing and recruiting. It has also been alleged that they make fake promises to veterans.

Steve Gunderson, President of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, has disapproved with many findings of the report. Gunderson has termed the report to be 'a political theater'.

The California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education has even banned the San Diego campus of the University of Phoenix from recruiting any more veterans in seven of its programs. By taking this decision, the agency has joined growing number of other government agencies that are taking steps on such marketing gimmicks of for-profit colleges.

One of the seven programs in question includes MBA. As per the agency, the programs have exceeded the 85% VA student threshold. But the university said that only one program has exceeded the 85% threshold.

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