Thousands of Anchovies Died Trying to Swim Upriver at Seaside

Thousands of Anchovies Died Trying to Swim Upriver at Seaside

While trying to swim upriver at Seaside, Oregon, a number of anchovies died. The incident, which took place on July 28, turned the Necanicum River a mass grave of anchovies.

Anchovies entered the river at high tide and died. It is not something new as whenever, there is a high tide many anchovies try to swim up the river. But they are not able to do the same and get stuck. In such a situation, they either come back to the ocean or birds eat them.

Tiffany Boothe, a spokesperson for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, said owing to shortage of oxygen in the river, the fish could not survive. Boothe further stated that the scene was not unusual, but the number of dead anchovies was definitely more this time.

The dead anchovies would prove to be a good treat for birds that feed on fish. Boothe said that the place is going to stink for many days. Melyssa Graeper, Co-ordinator for the Necanicum Watershed Council, took the incident in a positive manner.

Graeper said firstly, it is a sign that population of anchovies has improved significantly. Secondly, dead fish is beneficial for sea. Once, the dead fish decompose, their nutrients are absorbed by the river and plants.

Such incidents keep on taking place about every ten years. In a couple of days, these anchovies would also get completely decomposed and the river will flow as it does.

Anchovies are small, oily fish and their length is between 0.79 to 15.75 inches. They form to be an important food source for dolphins, sharks and pelicans.

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