NASA Lacks Funding to Get SLS Off the Ground by 2017, say Federal Authorities

NASA Lacks Funding to Get SLS Off the Ground by 2017, say Federal Authorities

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) shared that NASA does not have sufficient funding for its new heavy lift rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS). The GAO has also pinpointed that the agency also does not have clear plans as to what will be the future uses of the SLS.

"NASA is waiting for additional policy direction on future missions, but the agency is approaching a crossroads wherein it is confronted with defining a developmental path forward to the more capable variants of SLS", stated the report.

As per the current plan, the SLS should be ready with its first test flight in 2017. But due to certain problems, the GAO thinks that it may not be the case. As per government officials, NASA may require an additional $400 million if the space agency has to comply with the deadline.

Along with this, the government officials said that this move would be premature as the agency is yet to decide its next plan with regard to the evolving of the SLS. NASA and GAO thoughts are somehow not matching.

It has been said so as NASA has plans to put humans on Mars and also to redirect an asteroid. But on the other hand, the GAO thinks that these plans with the SLS are open to doubt.

The report said it is very important to have a detailed plan of the mission possibilities and for which, funding is required. Both the things are not sure, which raises the risk for the program and there are chances of taking such decisions that will not allow the most efficient use of the SLS.

In the report, the GAO has recommended NASA to have a plan for SLS in which resources should be matched with the requirements.

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