$190m to Be Paid By Johns Hopkins Hospital to 8,000 Gynecologist's Patients

$190m to Be Paid By Johns Hopkins Hospital to 8,000 Gynecologist's Patients

A class-action lawsuit involving eight law firms on behalf of more than 8,000 patients against Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the world's most prestigious medical centers, has resulted in a $190 million settlement. This settlement is one of the largest on record in the U. S. involving sexual misconduct by a physician.

The lawsuit is against Dr. Nikita Levy, who was a gynecologist at the hospital. Using a pen-like camera, he had reportedly recorded secret pictures and videos of his patients' sex organs during pelvic examinations.

The incident came to light when a co-worker alerted authorities at Johns Hopkins Health System about her suspicions. Soon after the reporting, Dr. Nikita Levy was fired from the job in February 2013. The doctor was forced to turn off the camera and a few days later, he committed suicide by wrapping his head in a plastic bag with a hose connected to a helium tank.

Investigators discovered roughly 1,200 videos and 140 images stored on a series of servers at his home. The lawsuit involves 8,000 former patients of Levy who were examined by him. The identification of patients was a difficult task and it required identification of sexual organs without pictures of faces. Doing such a thing would further increase misery of the women who, after getting to know about the incident, were left devastated.

One of the patients, Myra James, who agreed to the use of her name, said she can't bring herself back to a gynecologist now after knowing that her practitioner of 20 years, Dr. Levy, had been using tiny cameras to secretly record his patients' genitals.

"You're lying there, exposed. It's violating and it's horrible, and my trust is gone. Period", she said. Hopkins said that insurance will cover this huge settlement.

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