Airplanes Evolved like Birds: Research

Airplanes Evolved like Birds: Research

A new research has claimed that evolution of planes is similar to the evolution of birds. Adrian Bejan, a mechanical engineer at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, has said that it would be mistake to confine evolution as just a biological phenomenon.

A paper published today in the Journal of Applied Physics has showed that development of passenger aircraft over the years exhibits the evolution of flying animals. The paper added that the evolution in birds takes centuries to observe compared to the evolution of airplanes that could be easily observed in one human life.

"I want to persuade people that evolution - that is the change in [body shape] over time - recognizes no distinction between the two camps of biology and physics", said Bejan.

He added that evolution of the shape and structure of all flow systems, living and inanimate, happened to provide them easier access to the flow of currents within them, like air, water, blood or electricity.

Rule of aerodynamics helped airplanes evolve in a way similar to birds. For example, larger planes fly faster, have higher efficiency and have great range. The mass of engines in aircraft is proportional to their body size, which is similar to birds as their muscles, heart and lungs helped them scale up with body size.

Also, similar to birds, a proportional relationship between wingspan and body length, and between fuel load and body size is exhibited by all airplanes.

Bejan said the ability to observe the evolution become stronger with the help of physical laws. He said airplanes follow the same principles as birds, bats and other flying animals do.

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