World’s Largest Flying Aquatic Insect Discovered in China’s Sichuan province

World’s Largest Flying Aquatic Insect Discovered in China’s Sichuan province

Earlier this month, local villagers in the outer reaches of Chengdu, China's Sichuan province, have returned a Dobsonfly. The insect having eight inches wing span and massive snake-like fangs is the world's largest flying aquatic insect.

Previously, the largest known aquatic insect was the South American helicopter damselfly. It had a wingspan measuring 7.5 inches. The Insect Museum of West China said they have examined many of these critters.

Among them, the largest measured 8.27 inches. It was enough to cover the face of a human adult. The giant dobsonfly lives in clean water. The species is very sensitive to any change in the pH level of water and presence of pollutants in water.

If the giant dobsonfly finds water to be even slightly contaminated, then also it will move on to find cleaner waters. It has happened for the first time that the insect has been found in Sichuan province as otherwise it can be seen in other provinces in China, Assam in India and in northern Vietnam.

Entomologists were of the view that the finding has indicated about clean water nearby. Generally, the adult dobsonfly is about two inches in length and is brownish-gray in colour. Its wings are grayish in color and they fold down its back.

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