50-Foot-Long Humpback Whale Spotted Inside Narragansett Bay

50-Foot-Long Humpback Whale Spotted Inside Narragansett Bay

Monday morning at Rhode Island came along with something really unusual. A North Kingstown Harbormaster Ed Hughes said he was making the rounds at a marina at Allen Harbor north of Quonset Point on Monday morning when he suddenly spotted a giant humpback whale.

Ed Hughes said he has even captured some images of the humpback whale seen off the waters in North Kingstown Monday.

Hughes said, “I was working at Allen Harbor I saw what I thought was boat. It was really windy and choppy then I saw whale breach. It stayed splashing around for about 45 minutes. When last seen she was heading out of the bay”.

He further said that the whale was about 50-foor-long and was breaching out of the water. He said that the view was stunning and rare because sighting 50-foot humpback whales at this place is not normal.

The images that Hughes caught show the Mount Hope Bridge and sparsely inhabited Prudence Island. He said if he would not have captured the image no one might have believed what he saw.

He said at first when he saw the whale he thought it was caught in netting, but after sometime he saw it slashing its tail and finds into the water. The view was amazing and a life time experience, he said.

Hughes, 64, has spent most his life in water. Before a harbormaster, he was a charter boat captain who traveled all over the world. He has earlier seen humpback whales in oceans but the one he saw recently was breathtaking, he said.

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